School Self Evaluation

Digital Learning Plan

Togher BNS is constantly evaluating how we do things and reflecting on what is done well and where we might improve. School self-evaluation is a collaborative, inclusive, reflective process of internal school review. It is an evidence-based approach which involves gathering information from a range of sources and making judgements with a view to bringing about improvements in students’ learning. The school has chosen Digital Learning as its SSE theme for 2018-2020.

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Identify Focus

The focus for the SSE for Togher BNS was to create a Digital Learning Plan

Gather Evidence 

It was decided that the school would gather evidence in the following ways:

  • Create surveys for parents, teachers and pupils
    • Google Forms was used to setup online surveys
    • Pupil Survey was put on school website and was password protected. Pupils were only allowed to fill survey out in school independently. CLICK HERE to access link to website.
    • Parent Survey was put on website and parents were asked by text message to fill out survey. CLICK HERE to access survey.
    • Teacher Survey was emailed to all staff via Aladdin.
  • Setup an ICT Committee  [Kieran Kelly, Olan Murray, Oliver Blackwell, Steve McSweeney, William Murphy]
  • Discuss at staff meetings
  • Audit ICT software and hardware in school

Analyse and make judgements

Togher BNS Summary of Digital Survey Findings for Pupils

Togher BNS Summary of Digital Survey Findings for Parents




After looking at all the findings and discussing the overall aims of the school the following was decided:

I.C.T. Infrastructure

  • Each classroom would have the following hardware:
    • An interactive TV or a normal TV Screen [5 Classrooms have these devices: 9 devices required]
    • A Google Chromecast [These need to be purchased x 14]
    • An android tablet [These need to be purchased x 14]
    • Two classroom PCs [These are already in the school]
  • Each TV would be be connected to the Andorid Tablet using the Google Chromecast
  • Class tablets to be used as digital camera


  • All teachers to have access to G Suite for Education
  • All teachers to have access to School Administration Software Aladdin
  • Class Tablet will have following Apps downloaded as standard:
    • WordPress – This will allow school website to be updated
    • G Suite account using * [This will ensure data is only stored @
    • Khanacademy

Teaching and Learning

  • Recording and communicating
    • The aim is to ensure that pupils develop their Recording and Communicating skills using the Android tablet
      • Take photos of their work and share on Class Interactive TV or school website
      • Take Videos of their work and share Class Interactive TV or school website
      • Create podcasts for book reports etc using Android table

Write and Share Report of Improvement Plan 

The draft report is available here for review and comment until the 12th of April 2019. Any changes or amendments will be updated and returned for review by the 26th of April 2019. 

Togher Boys Digital Learning Plan -Draft

Put Improvement Plan into Action

  • Tablets and Chromecasts to be purchased prior to end of May
  • Tablets to be setup  with account and mandatory apps installed
  • Teachers to be trained in how to use tablets during Croke Park Hours in June 2019
  • In class demonstrations to be given by Mr Kelly, Mr Murphy and Mr Murray in June 2019
  • Teachers to begin using tablets in class in Sept 2019.