D.P.S.M. Log Book 2018-19

Welcome to Togher BNS DPSM Log Book for 2018-19. Please click on ech link to find out about the superb activities that the boys have undertaken throughout the year.

STEP 1:  Science 

Living things

  • Calvin from Heritage Ireland visited Junior and Senior Infants classes

    On Monday 1st October, Calvin, a wildlife expert from Heritage Ireland came to visit Togher Boys’ School. Ms. O’Donoghue and Ms. O’Connell’s class had lots of fun learning about the local wildlife that can be found near the school grounds. The boys discovered lots of interesting facts and became real wildlife explorers gathering a variety of leaves, fungi and even some minibeasts too!

  • Sonia from Heritage Ireland visited with 1st and 2nd classes
    First and Second class had a visit from Sonia from Heritage Ireland on Friday 21st October and learned lots about bacteria and composting. Sonia is an artist and arts facilitator, who has a special interest in working with materials in our immediate environment, just as our ancestors had to do not that long ago, to provide shelter, clothing and all the other necessities of life.

Energy and Forces


  • Junior Infants and protecting Humpty Dumpty from cracking
    It’s science week!! The Junior Infants have been working very hard discovering and experimenting in school. Our S.T.E.M experiment is based on our pal Humpty Dumpty and the children wondered if we could investigate what materials could protect Humpty from cracking when he falls off a wall.

Environmental Awareness and Care

  • Climate Change March Ms Moynihan’s 6th class
    On Friday 15th March, students from across the country wanted to let their voices be heard in relation to Climate Change. Ms Moynihan’s 6th class took part in the protest as representatives from our school.
  • Togher BNS is going for the Transport Flag as part of the Green School Project. All classes are participating in this project.

Step 2 Technology (I.C.T.)

Provide evidence for 2 examples of how the children used technology as part of their school work. By technology we mean the use of Information Communications Technologies [ICT], coding, robotics or product design using materials

Used ICT to record and Analyse Data

  • Togher BNS is going for the Transport Flag as part of the Green School Project. All classes are participating in this project. The Green Schools Committee used MS Excel to collate data, create graphs and then present them to each class in the school.

Hosted a technology speaker

  • The Marine Explorers Workshop Visit 10th May 
    On the 10th of May the Marine Experience Workshop will visit Togher BNS. All pupils will attend this workshop in the hall. The Marine Experience is an exciting indoor workshop which is designed to introduce all age groups to the wonders of Ireland’s marine world. 

Step 3 Engineering

  • Lifetime Labs Visit – Ms Mangan’s class create their own cars and parachutes
    The boys had a very enjoyable trip to the Lifetime Lab today and spent the day as engineers and scientists learning about forces. They carried out a variety of investigations ranging from the mouse challenge to designing their own parachutes and vehicles. The boys showed great enthusiasm throughout the day and are looking forward to their next trip already.
  • Ms Mangan’s class also particpated in the STEPS Engineering Awards and entered their Catapults investigation as their project.
  • Ms O Connor’s Lego Club 
    Over the last six weeks Ms O Connor has held an after school Lego Club for 3rd/4th class. The boys have explored different engineering tasks and really enjoyed their afterschool activities. During their class they also designed their own ships and got them to float on water! Well done boys.

Step 4 Maths

  • Numeracy Games as part of Maths Week in Togher BNS  The parents, guardians and grandparents were invited in to play our new Numeracy Games with the Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First Class and the Second Classes. The pupils and our visitors really enjoyed the games and everyone had lots of fun.
  • Waterproof or Not
    Ms Hurley’s class tested which materials were waterproof and which were not for their Science Exhibition investigation. Prior to testing whether the different materials/objects were waterproof or not they tallied the number of pupils who predicted the material was waterproof or not. Check out their graph below. The parents and grandparents who attended the Exhibtion were very impressed with the investigation especially with the present weather conditions!

Step 5 Stem Showcase

  • Science Exhibition Togher BNS 16th November 2018 As part of Science Week all of the classes displayed their Science Week Investigation in the halla today. Parents, family and friends were all invited to the first ever Togher BNS Science Exhibition. The pupils were excellent at presenting their findings to many who attended the event.
  • Mr Murray’s class will be attending the ESB Science Blast on Tuesday the 22nd of May. The project that the boys will be presenting is:
    • How Well Can We See in the Dark?
      • Group 1: How do our eyes see?
      • Group 2: How can we improve night vision?
      • Group 3: Make Infra Red glasses to see in the dark
      • Group 4: Use technology to see in the dark: remove the IR filter in a digital camera.
    • We will be posting our trip on the school blog.