No Books? No Problem!

Don’t be worried if you didn’t get a chance to collect school books. Here is a list of the publishers we use in school. They have all made their books available online for free. All you have to do is follow the links below.

CJ Fallons resources are online at the following link. (A lot of our class textbooks are from CJ Fallon) Click on the above link, at the table of contents, select ‘Primary’, your class grade, the subject and book you require. To view the book, press the eye symbol under ‘Actions’.

Edco resources are online at the following link. (Here you will find resources such as Bua na Cainte). To login, enter ‘primaryedcobooks’ as your username and ‘edco2020’ as your password.

Folens resources are online at the following link. (Some of our textbooks come from Folens such as Reading Zone, Spellbound and Am Don Léamh) Sign up as a teacher using your own details (name, email, password). Enter ‘Prim20’ for the roll number section. They will send a verification link to your email and you will have access to their resources.

Dabledoo is our music programme. You can log in below on a free parents account for really enjoyable music lessons, songs and activities. Click here.