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Hello again boys/parents,

Fantastic work completed again last week and we are looking for more of the same this week. As we said to you last week, it’s important to keep doing the work we give each day so you are ready for 6th class. Remember we are available on teams from 9 to 3 to answer any questions you might have about the work. Outside of these hours we will respond to you the next school day. Similarly, if you want to arrange a phone call for any reason contact us on teams or you can email either of us at wmuphy@togherboys.com and omurray@togherboys.com. Here is your work for the week, remember to follow the colour coded system and submit your daily assignment on teams. If there is a reason work can’t be completed on a given day, please don’t stress or worry about it and you can just let us know on teams.



Exercise your English p76/77 On a Wing and a Prayer: Read this story and complete the colour coded questions each day. Try and read aloud a section each day for your parents. Click here to watch a video about the story above.

Poem: This week we would like you to try and write a poem about the lockdown. You do not need to follow any specific rules for this. Your poem does not have to rhyme but can if you like.  Maybe you could choose to do an acrostic poem with the word quarantine, lockdown or coronavirus. Remember this is where we start each line of the poem with the letters of the title word.

Spellbound: Congratulations, you have finished the book. We’re going to get a head start on 6th Class and start on their first list. Learn one block per day and ask a parent to test you on Friday. Complete 2 exercises each day. It would be great if you would send us on your scores on Friday. You can write these into you book instead of the assignment document

Reading: try to read for at least 20 minutes each day. Let us know what book you are reading and what you think of it. If you are reading something you love you could put in up on the notice board for other boys.

Juicy words: use any of the highlighted words in the reading zone this week for your juicy words.  Write two of them into sentences each day. Make sure to choose two different words and not the same word in two sentences You can write these into your assignment document on teams.

Diary: continue to write into your diary each day. Remember entries can be about whatever you like, maybe the latest developments with the virus or what you’ve been up to for the day

Khan academy:

 If you haven’t joined Khan academy, use this code FVWGCWCJ to join our class and spend ten minutes completing activities.


This week’s story is Pas Róisín from Am don Léamh. Read the story aloud each day and complete the exercises. It would be great if you would send us recordings of you r reading on teams. Use your dictionary for any tricky words. Here is some of the vocabulary you will need.

A clann= her family

Ríomhaire= computer

Deasc= desk

Scuaine= queue


A cuid eadaigh= her clothes

Na daoine=the people


Cathain= When?

Cár cheannaigh sí= where did she buy

Cár chuir sí= where did she put



Your Litriú are from aonad 1 i Fuaimeanna is Focail 6. Learn four each day and write them into sentences. Ask a parent to test you on Friday. Take two each day and put them into your own sentences. You can write these into your assignment document on teams. Send us on your scores on Friday.

Duolingo: Spend 5 minutes a day on this as it really helps to keep you in touch with your gaeilge vocabulary. Some of you may like to spend more time on this and if so that’s great.

TG4: An aimsir láithreach is on everyday at 17:32 for 3 minutes. Try to watch this each day as it’s a great way to keep in touch with language.

S.E.S.E: Earth school

We hope are enjoying earth school. There are loads of other videos to look at if you would like to explore the site further. Each quest has a short video (about 5 minutes) to watch and a quiz to complete. Here is a link to the website https://ed.ted.com/earth-school We will post each day’s quest on the main class teams page. This week the 5 quests are: the nature of design, the nature of engineering, the nature of medicine, the nature of transport and the nature of farming. Your assignment each day will be write a couple of lines about each day’s quest, what you might have learned and what was interesting.


Here is a link for two experiments exploring surface tension. http://www.sciencehooks.scoilnet.ie/primary/tie-dye-milk/

In physics, surface tension is a force present within the surface layer of a liquid that causes the layer to behave as an elastic sheet. It is the force that supports insects that walk on water, for example. Surface tension is caused by the attraction between the molecules of the liquid. Le us know how you get on with these experiments on teams.

Art: the impossible triangle is an optical illusion you can try and draw. Here’s a video tutorial on how to do it. We’d love to see some of your efforts on teams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFUp4lFc1cA


Here is a link for ten at ten which we used to do in class. Try doing it as gaeilge as it would be a great way to get some extra Irish in.

Some of you have been following Joe Wicks on YouTube at 9 o’clock each day and this is a great start to the day. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

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