Admissions Policy

Mainstream Enrollment Policy

ASD Unit Admissions – Reviewed 25th Jan 2017

Registration Form

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti bullying Policy with templates 5April2017


Code of Behaviour


Health & Safety Policy

Togher Boys NS Safety Statement 2017


Importance of Attendance

Critical Incident Policy 2018

Togher Boys NS Critical Policy 2018

ICT AUP Policy

Togher BNS Internet_Acceptable_Use_Policy_2018

Webwise Internet Safety

School Routine

School Routine Information

Child Protection Documents – Updated March 2018

Togher_BNS_Risk_Assessment March 2018

Togher BNS Child Safeguarding Statement 2019

Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools DES 2017

Children_First_National_Guidance_for Protection and Welfare of Children DES 2017

Child Protection Record Sheet Blank

Togher BNS Resonable grounds for concern

Togher BNS ChildAbuse_Sexual_Abuse

Togher BNS ChildAbuse_Neglect_Emotional_Physical

Togher BNS Record Keeping

Monitoring Suggestions

PDST Child Protection Website

Stay Safe Programme

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