3rd Class Resources (Ms. Mangan)

Dear Parent/s,

 What a great week we have had. I cannot commend the boys highly enough for the fantastic work they have produced and continue to produce every week.  I am receiving work, pictures, letters and even audio and video files from boys on a daily basis. I couldn’t be prouder boys. I think Bill Gates may be out of a job with the computer skills that some of you are showing me. Everyone seems to be up and running on Microsoft Teams. This is a great way to keep in touch with the boys on a daily basis. Remember I will be online Monday – Friday between 1.30 and 2.30 p.m. I look forward to hearing the news every day from the boys. Thank you as always for your continued patience and support. It is hugely appreciated and duly noted. Remember that the work given is only there as a guide and if it is proving stressful in any way, please take a break from it. A lot of the activities are extra. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with the work, please don’t hesitate to email me at ymangan@togherboys.com or contact me on Microsoft Teams. I will be in contact with you again over the coming week. Have a great weekend.

English Spellings                                                             Irish Spellings:

cowboy                                                                                trá (the beach)

handbag                                                                              asal (a donkey)

football                                                                                picnic (picnic)

goldfish                                                                                tonn (a wave)

anything                                                                              ag snámh (swimming)

bedroom                                                                              ag tumadh (diving)

birthday                                                                               éan (a bird)

blackboard                                                                          portán (a crab)

everyday                                                                               iasc (a fish)

beehive                                                                                 an ghrian (the sun)

newspaper                                                                            long (a ship)

homework                                                                            bád (a boat)


rainbow                                (Pronunciation audio file for the  

pancake                              spellings and the Irish story will be

raincoat                                             on Microsoft teams)

Dictation Sentences:

  1. There are seven colours in a rainbow.
  2. Teachers use chalk on blackboards.
  3. I have ordered ten pink balloons for my birthday.
  4. My Mum took her car keys out of her handbag.
  5. Every Sunday, I clean my bedroom and make sure that it is tidy.

    Oral Language:

Speak on the Topics. This week again, I would like you to pick one of the topics in the box below and speak about this topic out loud, using the words and phrases to help you. You can send an audio file back to me, if you wish to do so.

 Dingbats:  (Who can get all the answers? Have fun!)

I’ll give you a little hint to get started. The first one is The Seven Seas. Good Luck

Links from the table above:

Remember a verb is an action word e.g. The dog RAN across the grass


     https://www.abcya.com/games/nouns_and_verbs (Verbs Game)


An Stoirm

Bhí Mamaí agus na páistí sa bhaile (Mummy and the children were at home)

Bhí an aimsir go dona (The weather was awful)

Bhí Mamaí ag féachaint ar an Nuacht (Mummy was watching the news)

Chuala na páistí tintreach agus toirneach (The children heard lightning and thunder)

Bhí eagla ar na páistí (The children were scared)

Bhí an stoirm thart anois (The storm was over)

Bhí bogha báistí sa spéir (There was a rainbow in the sky)

Chuaigh Mamaí agus na páistí amach ag obair sa tsráid (Mummy and the children went out to work in the street)

   https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/roi-gl-53751-the-weather-powerpoint-audio (An Aimsir PP)

   https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/roi-t-t-9087-draw-the-weather-activity-sheet (Activity Sheet – if you can’t      print out the page, please use the page below and write it into your copy)



 Other games for practising tables:




Other useful websites/ideas:




www.topmarks.co.uk (the daily 10 mental maths is a fabulous resource)


www.twinkl.ie (free resources for a month)

RTE School Hub – Mon – Fri @ 11 (definitely worth watching)

Will Sliney -a drawing a day challenge

The Body Coach TV workouts (youtube 9 a.m. Monday – Friday  

Extra activities: Gratitude Journal: Daily activity – Write three things that you are grateful for today.

Try a family movie night. It is really important to do activities together as a family, especially fun activities.

Daily Challenge (P. E.) Work out Videos

Try to involve the whole family. Fitness is important for everyone.


We are going to be learning all about the bees this week. Bees are very important. There are not enough bees in the world – we can help save them! Learn about the bee facts below


Watch this video to find out all the amazing facts about bees

Your task this week is to find out how we can be of help to bees? What can we do as humans to help? Write your answers in your copy.

Science: Easy Experiment

Here is a simple yet exciting experiment that you can do at home. All you need is milk, a bowl, some food colouring and a little bit of washing up liquid. This video below gives a great description of the science behind the ‘milk and washing up liquid’ magic trick…… The washing up liquid breaks down the surface tension of the milk. If you have time, why not write up your experiment using the sheet below.


Stay Safe program: (Revision)


You can click on Teacher Resources and access the lessons and the resources (3rd and 4th class lessons)

Topic 2 Friendship and Bullying  Lesson 4: Cyberbullying:

Your child should be able to understand what cyberbullying is,

  • Understand the impact of bullying behaviour and the effects it can have on individuals
  • Develop strategies to prevent and deal with cyberbullying
  • Recognise the importance of never keeping secrets about bullying behaviour.

Watch the video TR9 – Cyberbullying

Watch the video TR10 – Stop, Block and Tell

Discuss the important messages in these videos with your child.

Fun and simple art activities that you can be trying over the next few weeks: (bee theme)


Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov

Listen to one of my favourite violinists Nigel Kennedy playing this piece. It is amazing how music has the ability to create so many pictures in our minds. Can you hear the bee?

Miss Mangan’s violin pop quiz

I will play 3 different hits from the charts at the moment. Can you guess the song that I am playing? I will post the music video on Microsoft Teams.

Once again, this work is only a guide. Please do not feel under any pressure. While schoolwork is important, be sure you make time for the fun things too. Stay safe and I hope to meet you all again very soon.  Have a good week and take care.

Miss Mangan