2nd Class Resources

Dear Parents

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I was thinking of all the boys on Saturday. Hopefully you enjoyed the day together. I know the boys will now be even more excited about their First Holy Communion Day when it does arrive. Again I wish to compliment the boys on their continued hard work. I am so proud of them and thankful to you for your cooperation during this time. As promised, the boys have no homework tomorrow so hopefully the sun shines and they can get lots of outdoor fun. Our theme for this week is ‘Food’. There is no pressure to complete all the activities. Please just take from it, what your child can do. As always you can contact me via email or on Microsoft Teams.

Thanking You,

Ms. O’Sullivan.

Gaeilge: Peataí (Pets)

Léitheoireacht (Reading) Read this story everyday.

Chuaigh na páistí isteach i siopa na bpeataí. (The children went into the pet shop.)

Chonaic siad coinín bán. (They saw a white rabbit.)

Bhí leitís ag an gcoinín. (The rabbit had lettuce.)

Bhí madra deas donn in aice leis an gcoinín. (There was a lovely brown dog next to the rabbit.)

Bhí cnámh ag an madra. (The dog had a bone.)

Bhí an madra ag tafann. (The dog was barking)

Bhí nathair ghlas in aice leis an madra. (There was a green snake next to the dog.)

An Mháirt (Tuesday)

Draw a picture of each of the words highlighted in the story. Label the pictures.

An Chéadaoin (Wednesday)

Bua na Cainte lch (page) 97.

Read the words in the boxes at the top and the bottom of the page. Write the correct name for each animal. Also write the amount they cost.

An Déardaoin (Thursday)

Bua na Cainte lch (page) 130

Answer all the activities on the page.

Litriú: Spellings – Uimhreacha (Numbers)

aon = 1

dó = 2

trí = 3

ceathair = 4

cúig = 5

sé = 6

seacht = 7

ocht = 8

naoi = 9

deich = 10

English – Reading

Tuesday: My Read at Home Book – Read page 105 (Breakfast is Served)

Wednesday: My Read at Home Book – Read page 113 (Mixed Fruit)

Thursday: My Read at Home Book – Read page 116 (Johnny Appleseed)

Tuesday: Comprehension

My Read at Home Book page 105 (Breakfast is served). Answer Questions 1-5.

Wednesday: Let’s Write (Procedural Writing)

Skills Book page 74. Write the correct steps to making a strawberry milkshake.

Emma and Luke made a strawberry milkshake. Here is a healthy treat that you could try making at home with the help of a grown up. It’s a great way to eat more fruit. I bet you will love it!

Blackberry and Apple Ice Lolly.


2 Apples (eating apples, peeled and cored)

1 tbsp Orange Juice (freshly squeezed)

500g Blackberries

75g Icing Sugar


  1. Place fruit in a medium pan with the orange juice. Heat gently until the berries have released some juice, then bring up to a boil and simmer for 5-7 minutes, until the apple is soft.
  2. Remove from the heat and stir in the sugar until dissolved, taste to make sure it is not too sharp.
  3. Purée the fruit and you can sieve if you wish to remove the seeds.

Cool, then pour into ice lolly moulds and freeze overnight

Thursday: Phonics

Spellbound pages 60 and 61, answer activities A-H.


Spellbound page 60 box 1-4. (Initial consonant blend sw) Do one box each day.Phonics: We are doing the sound ore this week. Look at the video Mr Thorne Does Phonics ore and then read the words below.

shore = the land along the edge of a sea.

core = the tough central part of fruits, containing seeds.

store = a shop of any kind.

adore = to love and respect someone deeply.  

score = the number of points or goals achieved in a game by a team or a person.

bored = feeling unhappy because something is not interesting or because you have nothing to do.

explore = to travel through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.

ignore = if you ignore someone or something, you pay no attention to them.  

before = if something happens before a particular date, time, or event, it happens earlier than that date, time or event.

chore = a chore is a task that you must do but that you find unpleasant or boring.

Our theme for this week is food but we are also looking at feelings in oral language and bullying in SPHE. The story Carrot Club brings these 3 topics together. It’s a funny story that reminds us not to judge others by their appearance.

Oral Language: Topic – Feelings (This is for 2 weeks)

The Rainbow Oral Language Programme Response Book is available at


New vocabulary – worried, shy, fed up, grumpy, jealous, embarrassed, proud, glum, brave, sad, happy, cheerful, surprised, lonely, excited. (Look up 2 words in the dictionary each day.)

Ask your child to talk about the pictures below. How does he think the children are feeling? Try to use the new words from the vocabulary list above.

Keep reading as many books as you can. You can access free library books at www.oxfordowl.co.uk


This week in maths we are looking at area. Area is the space inside a shape or it is the space that a shape covers. Ask your son to look at the 2 videos before he begins his work.


Busy at Maths pages 148 (Area – Estimating) and 149 (Small Squares)


Busy at Maths page 150 (Stamps and Tiles)


Busy at Maths page 151 (The Garden)


Should we eat whatever we want? No, to keep healthy, we need to eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet is a diet that contains the right amounts of all the food groups. There are 5 different food groups: 1) carbohydrates, 2) proteins,3) fats and sugar, 4) dairy, 5) vitamins and minerals. Different foods help our bodies in different ways. Look at the videos below to learn more about this. Watch 2 videos each day. Then design your own healthy menu to serve at home. Include some of your favourite foods, and think of ways that you could be healthier, for example by choosing brown bread, including milk or adding in extra fruit or vegetables. Decorate your menu with bright colours and pictures. Use the headings below:




______________________’s Healthy Menu








Talk to your child about bullying – what it is and how he can be hurt by it. Explain to him that bullying is when a person hurts or upsets another person on purpose and more than once. Bullying hurts in 3 ways. 1) It can hurt your body. 2) It can hurt your feelings and 3) It can damage your things. Work with him on the worksheet below.


May is the month of Mary. We remember her in a special way during this time. Ask your child what he thinks about when he thinks of Mary. Talk about the May altar in the picture below. Say the Hail Mary together.


In the link below, the boys can see a video where coach Clare brings the P.E lesson to the boys at home. All members of the family can join in for these fun and exciting activities.

Art Ideas on Food

Can you come up with your own fun food creations? Put pictures of them on Microsoft Teams if you can. I’d Love to see them! Here are 3 that myself and my kids came up with.