Over the last couple of weeks Junior Infants and their parents and have being having fun in class completing the Happy Talk Programme. The teachers have received training and the parents have given up their time to come in and help the boys. The programme has been a great success and we would like to thank everyone for their efforts, because the boys have really benefited from the lessons.

  • Some points covered
  • Identifying the processes involved in communication
  • Understanding the effect of adult-child interaction on the development of communication
  • Developing play, listening and attention skills
  • Understanding the link between play and language development
  • Developing strategies to promote listening and attention
  • Developing activities to facilitate the learning of basic concepts
  • Modifying adults’ speech to help a child understand language
  • Developing strategies to facilitate the development of vocabulary
  • Supporting children with unclear speech
  • Appreciating the importance of phonological awareness in the pre-school setting