Ms Hurley’s JI & SI STEM

Science: Living Things & Plants & Animals

Variety & characteristics of plants, Myself

Maths: Data & Pictograms and Bar Graphs

Miss Hurley’s Class investigated fruit. Firstly, we discussed the difference between fruit and vegetables. We then spoke about the benefits of eating fruit.

Activity 1: (Whole Class)

  • In groups the children felt the different fruit and used some adjectives to describe how they felt.
  • They described their colour and their shape.
  • We cut up fruit with a plastic knife.
  • We smelled the fruit and described the smell.
  • We tasted the fruit and described the taste.

Activity 2: Pictogram (Whole Class)

  • Children coloured in a picture of their favourite fruit and cut them out.
  • Together, we stuck each child’s favourite fruit on a chart, to form a pictogram.
  • We then examined the pictogram and discussed the favourite/ least favourite fruit of our class.

Activity 3: Bar Graphs (Independent)

  • The children then completed a bar graph using the information (data).