Maths Week 13th – 21st Oct

Next week we will be celebrating Maths Week in the school. The 1st and 2nd class teachers are inviting in all of the parents/guardians to come and see the children playing the new numeracy games that we purchased at the start of the year.

  • Ms O Sullivan’s Class: Monday 15th Oct @ 10:00am
  • Ms. Barrett’s Class: Tuesday 16th Oct @ 11:40 am
  • Ms. Curran’s Class: Wednesday 17th Oct @ 10:00 am

Check out our NUMERACY PAGE for helpful websites.

Maths is all around us and we encourage the children to put in their Maths Eyes when they look at everyday things. Check out the picture below and try and answer the questions.

038 GingerBread Men

What do you see in this picture?
Does anyone know any story they could tell about a gingerbread man?

What do you need to make gingerbread men?
Who thinks gingerbread men are good to eat?
Which ingredients are good/not good for people to eat?
Which part of the gingerbread man would you eat first?
What are the gingerbread man’s eyes made of?
What are his feet made of?
Are there other things you could have made the feet with?
How many legs/eyes/arms/buttons does each gingerbread man have?
How many gingerbread men are in the first row?
How many gingerbread men in the poster altogether? How did you work this out?
What colour are the eyes of the gingerbread men?
What colour buttons can you see?
How many smarties were needed to give the two buttons to each gingerbread man?
Can you think of questions about the picture to ask other groups (question starters
could include: How many…, how many more…which colour etc.)?