Heritage Ireland Visitor to 1st and 2nd Classes

First and Second class had a visit from Sonia from Heritage Ireland on Friday and learned lots about bacteria. Sonia is an artist and arts facilitator, who has a special interest in working with materials in our immediate environment, just as our ancestors had to do not that long ago, to provide shelter, clothing and all the other necessities of life.

Sonia started off showing the pupils the following youtube clip. CLICK HERE
She then looked at compost with them. They then made shapes and forms using natural materials  in the shapes of bacteria and fungus as the theme was to introduce them to the microscopic world . 3D shapes were made with 2nd class and 1st made small collage pictures. These were then displayed outside to introduce them to scale and size.
Sonia finished with a demonstration of paper making  and the classes made small paper bowls. The 3rd class made a sheet of paper using the moulds and fibre mixture that Sonia brought in. This subtly tied in with the composting theme as it is a material that can be composted and the pupils learned the difference between natural and non – natural materials.

Check out the photos of what the classes got up to.

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