November in Junior Infants with Ms. O’Donoghue

Well the time is just flying by in Junior Infants and the boys have been busier than ever this month! We enhanced our learning through some wonderful themes and fairy tales, and the boys have shown some great acting potential in our Aistear mini- drama stations. Lets have a look!

The first theme of the month was based around ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ and ‘Homes & Houses’. The boys engaged in activities such as constructing their own houses of bricks, sticks and straw in small world play and junk art tasks as well as all of the children having the opportunity to get into role as the wolf and the 3 pigs and acting out the story for our class.

Keeping in theme of ‘Houses and Homes’, we visited the well loved story of ‘Goldilocks and The 3 Bears’. We developed our acting abilities further by performing the story for the class, making our own bear & Goldilocks masks, sorting and classifying objects that belong to each of the 3 bears through a hands on cutting and gluing activity and lastly the boys’ absolute favourite…making yummy bear toast, which went down a treat! Look at those happy (and chocolaty) faces!

Wanting to keep all the Christmas excitement for December, we ended the month of November, learning through the theme of Winter and primarily, ‘The Arctic’. The boys developed their fine motor skills through the manipulation of materials to make winter mittens, and using ‘pointillism’ to paint our snowmen with cotton buds. We enhanced our imaginations and oral language development through Arctic small world play stations with finger puppets and further built on early mathematical concepts of sorting and classifying with arctic animals. The boys loved these hands on learning activities and have acquired some fantastic new vocabulary about winter and the arctic as a result.

Lastly, we ended the school month of November on such a high! The boys were very excited to showcase their fantastic acting abilities on a larger platform than the classroom, by being the first class in the school this year, to perform at Friday’s school assembly! The boys did a super job of reciting and acting out the poem ‘5 little snowmen’ and they really looked the part too! IMG-8513The word around Togher, is that an elf is on its way form the North Pole to visit the Junior Infants classroom for the month of December…. make sure to stay tuned to see the mischief he causes!!!