Green Schools


The Green Flag Committee undertook a Walkability Audit around the school environs to investigate the state of the footpaths, road signs and availability of parking. The following is what the Committee observed.

The school has the use of the Church car-park and there is ample parking for parents. There are five disabled parking bays – 3 near the school and 2 near the Church. Entry and exit signs are clearly marked and there is a wide pedestrian crossing for children to traverse the car park safely. Exits from the three schools into the carpark have safety barriers.

The speed limit outside the school is 30km/h and not all public road users are observing this.

There is a clearly marked pedestrian crossing outside the school and this is manned in the morning and evening by a Lollipop Lady. The Committee observed that the “green man” stays on for 10 seconds. The children also observed that there are clear road signs indicating the school when travelling towards Togher Bridge (from Centra) but that there is inadequate signage when travelling in the opposite direction.

The children also investigated the pedestrian access to the school from Elmvale. The path here is not as wide as the main footpaths in front of the school.

The children are now working on a mini-engineers report on all their findings and will submit their findings to the City Council shortly.