January in Junior Infants with Ms. O’Donoghue

Welcome back, I hope everyone is settled in to the new year and looking forward to the months ahead. I can’t believe how independent the Junior Infants have gotten, even in the past month. In fact, they are so grown up, they are sounding out words and reading books! Here are all the sounds we know, as well as some of our rhyming friend families that we are learning about.

Our Aistear theme for the month of January was ‘At the Restaurant’, and the children loved taking on the roles of chefs, waiters and customers. The boys were able to discuss with their friends, their own experiences of a time they ate at a restaurant and their favourite meals to eat. We developed our literacy skills by writing our own menus that could be used at the class restaurant, and the boys made some very…interesting…choices! We also worked on the genre of procedural writing through giving instructions and putting pictures in order, and if you ask any of the children ‘how to make a jam sandwich’ then they are experts in this field.

In maths, we were learning about 2d shapes and patterns. We linked these two areas with our Aistear theme, and the children made some delicious 2d shape patterned pizzas. The boys also made their own print patterns using a variety of stamps, and through our class story ‘Elmer’ we made our own multicoloured pattern elephants too. I am always encouraging the boys to use lots of colours in their work as opposed to just their favourite colour, and these activities certainly helped.

That’s it for now from the Junior Infant’s class, but we can’t wait to show you what we get up to in February, the month of love!