February in Junior Infants with Ms. O’Donoghue

February’s blog post begins with non other than St. Brigid’s Day celebrations, where the boys continued their pattern work in creating a colourful cloak for Brigid. The boys had fun exploring new colouring materials such as oil pastels and coloured chalk to design Brigid’s cloak.

IMG-9703 (1)

As we all know, February is the month to celebrate ‘love’ and we got stuck into some heartfelt Artwork straight away. The boys explored different tones of pinks and purple to create a ‘Valentine’s Sky’. This was a wonderful way for the children to identify how we can make a colour lighter or darker in shade. After painting, the boys decorated a paper plane and attached some cotton wool to represent a heart shape cloud, created by the plane.


We also used this month’s theme to enhance our fine motor skills through some threading and popcorn painting. Check out our paper plate heart sewing crafts, using just pink thread wrapped around a pencil and some paper plates and our popping pink blossom trees, using painted pieces of popcorn!

In S.E.S.E, we explored our local community, visiting the local shop and post box. We wrote a card and posted it to our classmate Alex and bought a stamp in the shop before posting it. The boys noticed some of the changes that Spring had brought, especially some of the blossom trees, just like the ones we had painted!

We also continued to focus on living a healthy life through good food and exercise! The boys identified healthy food in a pair work activity and made some healthy meal options with play dough at the class ‘restaurant’. We also accepted Mr. Murray’s challenge and did a movement break dance at 10am for 10 minutes everyday!

Thanks for visiting, see you in March, where we will be learning about a very hungry caterpillar!