Discover Primary Science and Maths Award 2018-19

Togher BNS has achieved a Science Foundation Ireland Discover Primary Science and Maths Award for the second year in a row. Here is what the judges said:

Congratulations – your school has achieved an SFI Discover Science and Maths Award for the 2018/2019 academic year. We have evaluated your Log of Evidence and we are satisfied that you have met all the criteria for the Plaque of STEM.

Your school has provided evidence of children’s engagement with STEM in the following areas:

    1. Science


    1. Technology


    1. Engineering


    1. Maths


  1. STEM Showcase

Here is some feedback on your Log of Evidence:

Enjoyed reading about your school visitors and the interesting topics they discussed, particularly the wildlife in your own school environment.
Congrats on involving your parents in the Walk to School project and in your Maths activities- lovely photographic evidence.
Great idea that you communicate with all school partners through Blog the wonderful work you are doing
Well done!