Visit from a Forensic Scientist

On the 19th of November, me and my class went to the the hall to learn a bit about forensic science. When we got there we saw four tables, each a replica of each other. There were also sheets of 8 suspects with information about each person.They each had a certain colour combination resembling their DNA. I noticed that two people were identical, they shared the same colour combination of DNA.

The man explaining was called Owen. He was explaining things like finger-prints, foot-prints and so on. Each person also had a certain foot-print and a finer-print. The three choices of finger-print were the arch, the whorl and the loop. The man divided us into four. There was about six of us, searching for clues about the person. There were loads of secrets and clues everywhe-re. We were runningup and down like mad people! It was really exciting. We all had our different predicitions. There were magnifying glasses and these dust things, I predicted that they were for revealing finger-prints. There were also zip-loc bags for containing evidence and pegs for picking up evidence. We all soon figured out who it was. We had a splendid and exciting time!


Every person in the world has a different finger-print, every single human.

Nobody has the exact same DNA except identical twins.

The types of fingerprints you can have are the arch, the whorl and the loop.

By Brody Desmond

On Tuesday we went down to the hall. There was a man who talked to us about crime scenes, evidence and DNA. We had to figure out who the culprit was from the evidence. Eventually, everybody figured it out. He talked about fingerprints, footprints and identification. He also told us the types of fingerprints and how everybody has different DNA. Some fingerprints include, the whorl, the arch and the loop. We learned that identical twins have the same DNA. After, we lined up and went back up to class. It was fun.

by Oscar McGowan O’Farrell