Science exhibit 2019

Today was the science fair. Each class had a science project that they had to show in the hall. Each class had their own stand. They had photos and information of the project on them. They all had cool projects. My favourite project was taking DNA from a banana. One of the classes had a project of skittles on a plate with water on it. The colour of the skittles came out and it looked like a rainbow. It was very cool.

Tómas (5thclass)


My favourites in the science fair today were fifth class and first class. First class’ project was about electricity. These are the materials required to do the experiment: two special tubes with lights and wires in them, a hanger and a bowl of water. Two people had to hold put their finger into water and use their other hand to hold the special tube. Then the tube lit up when this happened. Fifth class’ project was making slime and seeing the effects it caused. The materials required for making slime were: cornflour, water and food colouring. The other project fifth class had was how to use household items to clean coins (copper). Today was a good day, I enjoyed it.

James (5th class)

I saw a couple of people demonstrating their classes science projects. There were experiments about dancing raisins, optical illusions, how the air from fizzy drinks can inflate a balloon or rubber gloves. You could make an instrument out of a straw. There was a DVD, a bottle cap and an inflated balloon put together to make it hover like an aircraft. Also there were DIY boats that could float. There was an electric tube that was powered by humans and water together. You could write your name out of lemon juice and it turned brown when heated. You could make a rainbow using skittles and hot water. Senior infants were showing about materials that were waterproof. Next we had different types of bridges. They had some pretty cool bridges made by second class that took a lot of effort. Next we had senior infants showing us how paint will not mix when water is added. Then we had oublack (slime) made by fifth class. We also saw how they cleaned copper coins using household materials. There was also information about climate change on the walls for us to read. I liked the whole day. It was very enjoyable.

Stephen 5th class