Important Message from School

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As directed by the DES the school is closed until the 29th of March. We hope that everyone is stays safe. During this time it is important that we follow HSE advice to ensure that school closures slow down the spread of Covid-19 to protect the vulnerable people in our society: the elderly and people of all ages with underlying health conditions.

    • The virus is spread through close human contact so please ensure that children are not mixing with other children while out of school. Despite not showing symptoms children may still have the virus and therefore pass it onto to their friends. When the children return to their own homes they may then unknowingly pass the virus onto members of their own families who may include the elderly and people with underlying health conditions.
    • As a community we look after each other and this is a time when we are all thinking of the most vulnerable and follow the guidelines:
      • Minimise contact with others
      • Wash our hands regularly
      • Blow our noses with tissues and dispose of them immediately
      • Clean surfaces using antibacterial products
    • If we minimise the spread of the virus we reduce the pressure on our health service and ensure that people that need to attend our hospitals everyday can continue to do so.
    • It has been proven in other countries that if we follow these rules we as a community will slow the spread of this virus. 
    • Information for children.
    • Please reduce the time that pupils are on electronic devices during this time and keep them physically active. We will post useful websites and things to do with your children later.

On behalf of the Board of Management I would like to thank all of the people working in our hospitals and other essential services. Please look after each other during this time.

Kieran Kelly