4th Class Mr Collins Monday March 30th- Friday April 3rd

Hello again, I hope you are all still smiling and having fun despite everything that is going on right now. It was great to speak to you all during the week and we are so grateful for all the hard work that you are doing at home! Well done to everyone, you are doing a fantastic job. Here are more ideas and work structures for the coming week. Hopefully they will serve as a help to you all at home. Once again, these are only recommendations and you as parents will know what works for you and your child.

Every day I would recommend continuing on with one test from BrainTeasers. Continue with one each day in sequential order.

For spelling and litriú, move on to the next unit this week. For English spellings, I would advise taking 4 words a day for 4 days; 16 words in total. For litriú, take 3 words a day for 4 days; 12 words in total.

Maths: – Every day practice multiplication and division tables. These can be done in a fun and enjoyable manner through challenges and games. Recite tables within a certain time frame, get 10/15/20 tables correct in a row etc, etc. The maths games Fizz Buzz and Buno are especially popular in the class.

Operations: Addition and subtraction

For the coming week, we will go back over addition and subtraction. This is something that the boys are good at but it is essential to keep practicing. One thing that is so important for addition and subtraction is place value. Remember to put units over units, tens over tens and hundreds over hundreds. Here are two examples of an addition sum and a subtraction sum.

Monday: Addition: Time to practice your addition.

Here is a page with addition questions. Do as many as you can in your maths copy. Remember to always look back over your work. The answers are on the next page.

Tuesday: Here are another two pages of addition activities. Do as many as you are able to. The numbers here are bigger but that does not mean you do anything differently. Follow the same addition rules and don’t forget about place value!

Wednesday: Today we will move on to subtraction. Remember two things; borrow and pay back when the number is smaller than the number you are taking from it (e.g. 3-9) and place value!

Thursday: Keep practicing subtraction, here are more exercises to do. Give it your best and don’t worry about getting it all done.

Friday: Time to apply addition and subtraction to real life situations. Here are some problems for you to have a go at solving! Use your copy to write out your solutions.


Keep going with the litriú!

Ámhrán: This weeks song is called Beidh Aonach Amárach. It’s about a young child who isn’t allowed to go to the fair (Aonach) that is on in County Clare (Contae an Chlár) tomorrow (amárach). The child’s mother tell’s her that when she is 13 years old then she will be old enough to go. (Nuair a bheidh tú 13 beidh tú mór). The child will have to be patient. At the moment, there are so many things we want to do and places we want to go to but just like in this song we must be patient. Thankfully time passes quickly and soon our lives will be back to normal again and the child will be old enough to go to the fair!



Here is a nice exercise you could try.

‘Is maith liom a bheith…’ means ‘I like to…..’ next to them are a list of sports that we all know from our work this year. Try and write out the sentences in your copy.

Tricky words: Ag marcaíocht- horseriding ag iascaireacht -fishing ag scátáil- skating ag rothaíocht- cycling

Have a go at this quiz!


Read a book for 20 minutes every day. Pick 5 tricky words from your reading each day, find out what they mean and put them into sentences. Don’t forget full stops, capital letters, adjectives and adverbs!

Continue spending 10 minutes writing a diary about your day and what is going on around you. There have been a lot of changes in the past week This is your chance to write about what you are experiencing and how you are feeling. Use your new words in your writing and concentrate on beautiful handwriting, punctuation and spelling. Look over your work at least twice and fix any mistakes you spot! try to write two extra sentences every day this week compared to last week!

My Read at Home. Continue on with My Read at Home do a page a day and answer the questions in your copy.

History: Tom Crean

Tom Crean was a famous explorer from County Kerry. He is someone we studied and spoke about in class. Read this and answer the questions in your copy to go back over the amazing life of Tom Crean.

Here is a short video you might like to watch about Tom Crean. The video calls Tom an Unsung Hero. After you have watched the video, look up what the word unsung means.


Polar Regions: The Arctic and the Antarctic.

After learning more about Tom Crean, you might like to explore more about the Arctic and the Antarctic. Here are a few things for you to find out.

  1. Where in the world is the Arctic and where in the world is the Antarctic.?

2) Where would you find the North Pole and where would you find the South Pole?

3) Which area is bigger?

4) Which of the two places did Tom Crean explore?

5) What animals would you find in the Arctic?

6) What oceans surround the Arctic?

8) What animals would you find in the Antarctic?

9) What animals would you find in the Arctic?

10) Write 3 more facts about both places

11) Which is closer to Ireland?

If you would like to learn even more about life on the ice, Planet Earth Season 2, Episode 6; Ice Worlds is fantastic. It is available on Netflix.

Music: Continue practicing Edelweiss as well as the new song as Gaeilge!

The songs in this film are fantastic. The song Edelweiss is about a flower native to Austria which is seen as a symbol of hope during the terrible period. Attached are lyrics and video links for you to practice and learn

Easter Art: Although we won’t be in the classroom to do any Easter Art this year, here are a few things you could so at home.

– Design an Easter Card for your parents or for someone who you would like to visit but can’t right now.

– Colour by numbers as Gaeilge


Every day this week, I challenge you to do 20 jumping jacks, 10 press-ups and 30 high knees. Do these three exercises three times a day.

Here is a skills challenge, set by Dublin All Star footballer Ciarán Kilkenny,for you all to practice with a ball a wall and a timer. How many can you get by the end of the week?

This year we have spoken a lot about Gratitude and Kindness. Every day write down 3 things you are grateful for and 3 kind things you did for others today. It is so important that you are helpful and caring to your families during this time. You have the chance to fill someone else’s bucket every single day

Here is an attachment of the Stay Safe programme and resources. This would be a good time to go over the important messages in this programme.


Most importantly, have fun with your families. Play plenty of games, practice your sports or instruments and read some books!

I have attached two websites which are recommended by the school if parents are looking for additional ideas.

  1. Khan academy (maths online, need to register for this) https://www.khanacademy.org 

2. seomra ranga (daily general knowledge quiz with a prize) https://www.seomraranga.com/