Ms. Moynihan’s 6th Class Work (20th April, 2020)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday. Please find below some suggested work for the boys over the next two weeks. During the period of closure the following work plan is suggested. The work is also uploaded to teams and I will review all work sent back to me. Otherwise the work will be reviewed and corrected on our return to school.

1. Read At Home – Daily Story

2. Brainteasers – Daily Test

3. Spellbound – One Unit per Week

Please continue all in sequential order.


I have included the tour booklet from Glasnevin Cemetery as an attachment below. It is very informative and the boys can work through it over the next two weeks. I would also like the boys to do a project on Charles Stewart Parnell. There is much information in the booklet, they can also use the internet to source information.


Please revise work in Leabhar Nótaí to consolidate work covered during the year. Here are suggested links to enhance your Irish skills: Please note that these links should be cut and pasted into your browser.

Roinnt scéalta i nGaeilge do phaistí atá ar fáil le éisteacht leo saor in aisce ar líne.- Stories read in Irish that are free to listen to online:

This free Irish app from TG4 is aimed at two groups: Cúla4 na nÓg is aimed at under-sixes, while Cúla4 is aimed at older children. As well as TV shows, there are games and creativity sections.

Yoga as Gaeilge le Twigín Yoga

10@10 with RTÉjr
Irish exercises as Gaeilge with RTÉjr. Click on Gaeilge and then on Download at

I have included below some excerpts on Katie Taylor. To help you understand I will include a dictionary here. 


Cill Mhantáin = Wicklow

Club dornálaíochta= boxing club

Sasana= England

Tógadh é= he was reared

Breis is tríocha bliain ó shin= more than 30 years ago

Ionad siamsaíochta= leisure centre

Cúig troithe agus ceithre horlaí= 5 foot 4

Naoi gcloch agus sé phunt meáchain= 9 stone 6 pounds weight

Ag déanamh gaisce= doing great

Seaimpín Oilimpeach= Olympic champion

Cúig bhonn óir= 5 gold medals

Craobh an Domhain= world championships

Craobh an Aontais Eorpaigh= European Union Championships


Cathain= when

Cén áit= where

Cad as= where from

Cén airde= what height

Cén meáchan= what weight


Ainm= name

Sloinne= surname

Dáta breithe= date of birth

Áit bhreithe= place of birth

Áit chónaithe= address

Dath na súl= eye colour

Dath gruaige= hair colour

Airde= height

Meáchan= weight

Bainígí taitneamh as an sliocht seo agus seol na freagraí chugam ar Teams- enjoy this comprehension and send answers to me on Teams.




Please continue the Class Novel ‘The Custodian’, aim to read at least 3 chapters per week and write a synopsis of each chapter in your English copy.

Below is a comprehension you will find interesting. Please complete and return to me on Teams.




Please work through the confirmation workbook and focus particularly on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.


Please complete a project on China.The following headings may be helpful:

1. Population

2. Capital City and other Main Cities

3. Languages Spoken

4. Sport

5. Form of government/ exports from China

6. How Coronavirus has impacted this Country

7. Reflective Log (your thoughts on the topic after completion of the project)   


Please complete 1 test from Brainteasers each day.

This is a very unusual time and one which we will look back on in years to come. I suggest that the boys write a daily diary to help keep abreast of the news and on-going developments. I suggest that this would be done in a new copy or notebook and we will discuss on our return to School.

I appreciate that you are all under pressure at this time and above is a suggested list of activities to keep the boys busy and continuing to learn.


Sinéad Moynihan