Senior Infants Ms. Hurley & Ms.Collins 5th-8th of May

Well Done to all the boys . Thank you for all your fantastic work so far! We are really proud of all the boys in Senior Infants!

Parents, please remember the work below is completely optional. It is not to cause any stress at home.

  • Please feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions or concerns regarding your sons work. or
  • You can also send us some photographs of your childs work via Teams or email, if you wish.
  • Remember we will be available on Teams daily between 10-11am.

Once again,we would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time.

All the best,

Ms. Hurley & Ms. Collins

Literacy- Poetry

Practise reading the poem above.
Can you hear the rhyming words?

Literacy- Oral Language

Our theme this week is ‘The Garden’.

Here are a few suggestions to develop conversation:

  • What is a garden?
  • Do you know someone who has a garden?
  • Have you ever seen a garden?
  • Did you know that there are different types of gardens (vegetable, flowers)

*Have a look at different types of flowers online with your child or in the garden. Discuss and compare their colour, shape, smell.

*Use a poster to identify the various flower parts.

*Invite your child to taste different types of fruits which can be grown in a garden (berries, tomatoes, etc.)

*Gather gardening tools and accessories. Let your child touch them. Name each tool. (shovel, glove, rake, etc.)

  • Which vegetables can be grown in a garden?
  • What must we plant to grow in a garden? (seeds)
  • What do seeds need in order to grow ? ( water, sunlight, proper care)

Literacy- Phonics

Phonics- Revise ai sound

Task: Watch the below videos.

Write down 10 words containing the ‘ai’ sound.

Literacy – Reading

  • Encourage your child to keep practising the three readers on cjfallon website. Please let us know if you cannot access the readers online.

Core Reader 4 (Pip & Rags)  Core Reader 5 (Magic in the Sky)      

Core Reader 6 (Rainy Day Fun)

Read the stories below. – They stories can be used as a way of revising tricky words.

Dog and Cat :–im-reading

Guess, Guess:–im-reading

Cookies :–im-reading

  • Use on the link below to read ‘Happy Mother’s Day, Dear Dragon’ with your child.–im-reading

Literacy-Tricky Words

Please watch the video below and practise/revise reading the following tricky words; why, where, who, which, any, many, more, before, other, were, because, want.

Ask your child to put these tricky words into sentences orally.
Encourage your child to also practise writing the tricky words.

*Game Time*

Tricky Word Reveal– this game requires two pieces of paper. Write a word from the list on a piece of paper and then cover the word completely with the other piece of paper. Slowly reveal the first letter of the word. Ask your child if they can guess what the word will be from looking at the first letter. Then move on to reveal the next letter etc.

Literacy- Writing

Dictation Sentences: This week they will be based on ‘ai’ words.

Call out the following sentences and your son can write them in his copy or a sheet of lined paper. **Remind your child to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

  1. I have a pain in my tummy.
  2. My mum has a chain.
  3. She fell over the dogs tail.
  4. I got paint all over my jumper.
  5. You like when it rains.
  6. I want a blue, toy train.
  7. The snail left a trail on the path.
  8. We live on a main road.
  9. You have to wait for me.
  10. Can I have a plain burger please

Literacy – Handwriting

Capital Letters U and V – Don’t forget to use the correct letter formation!

Creative Writing

Encourage your child to write about something they like. They can write in a copy or an a sheet of paper. Perhaps they could write about our theme this week, ‘The Garden’. 🙂

Some Writing Prompt examples:

  • What would you see in the garden?
  • What activities could you do in the garden?
  • Who works in the garden?
  • What sort of jobs does a gardener do?
  • What tools would a gardener need?
  • Describe your favourite/dream garden.

Literacy- Procedure Writing *Linked with Science(please see under science heading)

Task: Write a procedure on planting Sunflower Seeds. (or any seeds of your choice.)

You can use the following framework to help you:

Here is an example of how it is done!

Numeracy Counting

  • Count forwards and backwards 0-20
  • Start at any number and ask your child to count ON TO 20.
  • Start at any number and ask you child to count BACK to 0.

Numeracy- Before/After/Between within 10

Below is a list of useful suggestions/ ideas relating to this topic!

Number Game-

  • Roll Two Die.
  • Count the dots facing upwards on the two die.
  • Add the two numbers together.
  • Write it as a sum/ number sentence: 2+4 =10.

Gaeilge/Irish- Téama–> Ag Siopadóireacht/Shopping

Click on the videos below to view the lessons and songs.

S.E.S.E- History/S.P.H.E.

Task: Let your child listen to the story a couple of times and discuss the moral of the story!

S.E.S.E- Science

Task: Plant Sunflower Seeds (or anything you have at home) If you have nothing to plant, that’s fine too.

What you will need:

  • Seeds
  • Compost

You can plant the seeds in things you may have around the house e.g. empty egg shells, cartons. (basically anything that will decompose when placed in the ground.


  • Half fill your carton/ egg shell with compost, using a spoon.
  • Place seed on top.
  • Place more compost on top.

It’s as easy as that!

***Tips to remember***

  • Keep the seeds in the sunlight
  • Keep watering the seeds.
  • This will help them grow! 😉

Seedlings will appear in 7-10 days!

Keeping Active:

  • Join Joe Wicks on youtube daily at 9a.m ‘P.E. with Joe’.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga on youtube
  • Practise football skills- throwing/catching a ball
  • Go for a run/scoot/cycle with someone in the family


Draw/Paint any picture of your choice, perhaps a garden picture.

  • What could you include? ( flowers, grass, birds, bees, butterflies, a gardener etc)
  • Learn how to draw a sunflower. Watch the following video and follow the step-by-step instructions carefully.


Religion– A House of Prayer

Listen to the story.
Sing along to the song.

Start your conversation with sitting down and thinking through who your child would like to pray for.  Have them think of 10 people for each of their fingers.  Then after that have them put their hands on a piece of paper and draw their hands.  Next on each finger have them write one of the names.  Cut out a little piece of paper with “People I’m Praying For” written on it.  Then glue the hands to the small piece of paper.