Ms. O’Sullivan, Second Class, Week May 11th-15th

Dear Parents

I hope you are all well and that ye enjoyed the glorious sunshine we had on Saturday. We are entering into our 9th week of distance learning and again I have to praise you for your continued hard work with your children during this time. The theme for our work this week is ‘Doctors and Nurses’. Most people today would agree that doctors and nurses are ‘real life heroes’. My ‘real life heroes’ during this time are the boys. They have given up so much yet they continue to work so hard on their school work every week. I couldn’t be prouder of them. They are a credit to ye! Best of luck with the work again this week. As always you can contact me via email or on Microsoft Teams.

Thanking You


Gaeilge: Siopadóireacht (Shopping)

Léitheoireacht (Reading) Read this story every day.

Chuaigh Niamh go dtí an t-ollmhargadh. (Niamh went to the supermarket.)

Cheannaigh sí feoil don dinnéar. (She bought meat for dinner.)

Bhí poll sa mhála. (There was a hole in the bag.)

Chiall sí an fheoil. (She lost the meat.)

D’ith Bran í. (Bran ate it.)

An Luan (Monday)

Bua na Cainte lch (page) 96.

Fill in the blanks using the words at the bottom of the page.

An Mháirt (Tuesday)

Bua na Cainte lch (page) 93.

Ar Cheannaigh Daidí prataí? = Did Daddy buy potatoes?

Cheannaigh Daidí prataí. = Daddy bought potatoes.

Ar cheannaigh Mamaí tornapa? = Did Mommy buy turnips?

Níor cheannaigh Mamaí tornapa. = Mommy did not buy turnips.

An Chéadaoin (Wednesday)

Bua na Cainte lch (page) 94.

Ta feoil uaidh. = He wants meat.

Tá leitís uaithi. = She wants lettuce.

An Déardaoin (Thursday)

Bua na Cainte lch (page) 129.

Answer all the activities on the page.

Litriú – mé/tú/sé/sí (Spellings – me/you/he/she)

mé = me

tú = you

sé = he

sí = she

Tá mé ag rith. = I am running.

Tá tú ag léim. You are jumping.

Tá sé ag siúl. He is walking.

Tá sí ag ól. She is drinking.

English – Reading:

Read about Jimmy and Caoimhe in hospital. (Monday).

Adventures by the Sea – Read pages 42-44. (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 1 page per day)

Monday: Comprehension.

Answer questions 1-7 on the story about Jimmy and Caoimhe in hospital.

Tuesday: Report Writing – Write about A) A Doctor, B) A Nurse or C) A Hospital

Watch this video and read the link before you write your report.

Use these headings to help you.

What does a doctor or nurse do? Or What happens in a hospital?

Do they wear a uniform? Describe it.

What equipment do they use?

Have you ever visited a doctor?  Talk about this time.

Have you ever been in hospital either as a patient or a visitor? Talk about this time.

Wednesday: Grammar

Skills Book page 69. Exclamation Marks.

Thursday: Phonics

Spellbound pages 58 and 59 answer activities A-H.

Spellings: Spellbound page 58 box 1-4. (Initial consonant blend st.) Do one box each day.

Phonics: We are doing the sound ture this week. Look at the video Mr. Thorne Does Phonics ture and then read the words below


capture = to take someone as a prisoner.

feature = an important part or characteristic of something

mixture = a substance made by mixing other substances together.

creature = any large or small living thing that can move on their own.

nature = plants, animals, rocks, weather, the sea and mountains.

future = time that is still to come.

puncture = a small hole made by a sharp object, especially in a tyre.

adventure = an exciting or possibly dangerous activity, such as a trip or experience.

signature = your name written by yourself.

This week we are looking at the work of people who help us. Our focus is on those who work in hospitals. Doctors and nurses are working very hard at the moment. We are so proud of them for the work that they are doing in helping sick people recover from the Corona Virus. We too can be helpers. We can help others in a special way by giving, sharing and caring. Listen to the story ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’ by Carol McCloud and see how you can help yourself and others around you by being kind.

Oral Language: Topic – Animals in the Garden. (Continued from last week)

The Rainbow Oral Language Programme Response Book is available at

I also put these pages up on Microsoft Teams last week.

New vocabulary – insects, creatures, nectar, pollinate, migrate, compost, nocturnal, attracted, nourishment. (Look up 1 word in the dictionary each day).

Ask your child to draw all the garden insects and animals that they can remember in to the picture. Ask them to talk about their work when finished.

Keep reading as many books as you can. You can access free library books at

Maths: Addition and Subtraction.

This week the boys will be working on addition and subtraction sums. It is important that they remember to look at the sign + or – before they start each sum. Ask them to look at the videos below before they begin their work. The videos will revise the steps we take when working with tens and units.


Figure it Out page 38 number 1-4. (See page below)


Figure it Out page 38 number 5-15. (See page below)


Figure it Out page 40 number 1-5. (See page below)


Figure it Out page 40 number 6-12. (See page below)


Florence Nightingale was a very famous lady who is known as the founder of modern nursing. She showed that trained nurses and clean hospitals helped sick people get better. She was known as the ‘Lady with the Lamp’.

In this video, you will see Florence Nightingale’s life story.

Read about Florence Nightingale in the timeline of her life below. A timeline is a line that shows the order in which events have happened in someone’s life. Ask a grown up to help you to make a timeline of your life using photographs you have at home.

SPHE:-    Topic – Friendship

The boys should understand that we cannot be everyone’s best friend, but everyone is special and everyone has a right to be treated with kindness and fairness. Ask your son to write down what he thinks are the 3 most important things he can do to show kindness and respect in school.


Hello boys, I know this week should have been a very exciting week in school making our final preparations for your First Holy Communion. Unfortunately, we won’t be celebrating this day on Saturday and I know you must be feeling sad about this. It’s normal to be feeling this way boys, but remember that your special day will happen. Like everything else at the moment, it has just been put on hold for a while. I will be thinking of you all on the 16th May. I hope you all do something nice with your families. I am going to give no homework next Monday as a treat!


In the link below, the boys can see a video where coach Clare brings the P.E lesson to the boys at home. All members of the family can join in for these fun and exciting activities.


In this week’s art lesson I am asking you to draw a picture of your ‘real life heroes’. If I was to draw a picture of my ‘real life heroes’ I would draw a picture of the boys of second class. Ye are staying at home more than ye ever have before. Ye are missing out on play dates, sporting activities and your First Holy Communion next weekend. Despite all of this ye are carrying on with your school work and doing a great job on it. Well done! I am super proud of you all.

‘Second Class Heroes’

In this video you will learn how to draw a doctor. Follow each step given and pause the video when you need more time.

You can enter your drawing in the competition below. Best of luck boys!

Here are some ideas to help you with your drawings.