Food Challenge

Hi boys,

As most people are baking and cooking in this lock down I thought I would take this opportunity to share something that I enjoy doing with you all. I will be sharing a video of something that I made every Monday on microsoft teams with some classes. The classes I will share it with will be Mr Murphy’s 3rd/ 4th class, Mr Collins’ 4th class, Mr Murray’s 5th class and Mr Murphy’s 5th class. Once I post the video I will challenge you to make the dish at home. These dishes will be easy enough to make and may require a grown ups help as we go along. You will always need permission from an adult at home before starting these dishes as you may need to use an oven or frying pan at times. This will be a fun way of learning for you. I will post the ingredients on a Friday for the following week so that you can be prepared. I will use ingredients you may have at home or can be easily bought. When you make the dish I would love if you posted a picture of it under the video and let me know how you got on with it. I hope you have fun with this challenge.

Ms Walsh