Senior Infants 18th-22nd of May. Ms Hurley &Ms. Collins.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you all for continuing to engage with online learning this past week. Again, we were super impressed by all the hard work that you and your children have put in.

We have prepared some more work for you this week. Again, there is no pressure to complete all the activities. We hope that you can engage with it to the best of your ability.  Do what you can, when you can.

If you want to send us some pictures of your work or ask us any questions please feel free to contact us via Microsoft Teams or by email and we will respond during school hours. It is lovely to receive photographs of the children’s work, as we can give feedback then.

Our emails are :  and

Please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Thanking you all.

Ms. Hurley & Ms. Collins

Literacy- Oral Language

Our theme this week is ‘The Café’

Have a listen to a discussion about the café >>>>  The Café

Ask your child to talk about a time he visited a restaurant/ café.

When you are finished read Liz’s Little Café together.

Literacy- Poetry 

Can you hear the rhyming words? What are they?

Literacy- Phonics

This week we will be revising the ‘ee-or’ sound.

Click on the video below to practise singing the ee-or song.

Task 1: Watch the videos below and try to write down 10 words containing the ‘ee’ sound.

Task 2: Watch the videos below and try to write down 10 words containing the ‘or’ sound.

Literacy – Reading

Encourage your son to keep practising the three readers on cjfallon website. Please let us know if you cannot access the readers online.

* Core Reader 4 (Pip & Rags)  

* Core Reader 5 (Magic in the Sky)      

* Core Reader 6 (Rainy Day Fun)

Click on the links below to read these stories with your child.

Mr. Bunny’s Carrot Soup

The Little Red Hen

Chicken Little

Literacy-Tricky Words

Please watch the video below again and practise/revise reading the following tricky words; why, where, who, which, any, many, more, before, other, were, because, want.

Practise reading the tricky words. Put them into sentences orally.

Call out the following sentences and encourage you son to write them down independently. (Note: Tricky words are highlighted in red. )

1. Why are there no cars in the car park?

2. When are they going to join the cubs?

3. Your little cat has run down the road.

4. Where did the old man go?

5. Who do you think can rescue that goat?

6. I think it is good to go down there.

7. They went down the little road to the shop.    

8. What can you see down there?

9. My old dog can only just get up this step.

10. Who did you go out with?

Game Time

Tricky Word Bingo-

  • Give your child a sheet with 6 of the tricky words on it.
  • It can be any words between 1 and 60.
  • Call out a selection of the words as you would in bingo.
  • Encourage your child to find and cross off the words on his bingo card. 

 Tricky Word Reveal– this game requires two pieces of paper.

  • Write a word from the list on a piece of paper and then cover the word completely with the other piece of paper.
  • Slowly reveal the first letter of the word.
  • Ask your child if they can guess what the word will be from looking at the first letter.
  •  Then move on to reveal the next letter etc.

What’s Missing Game-

  • Write out 6 of your tricky words.
  • Ask your child to close his eyes.
  • Remove one tricky word.
  • Child opens his eyes and he has to figure out which word is missing.

Literacy- Writing

Dictation Sentences: based on the ‘ee’ ‘or’ sounds.

Call out the following sentences and your son can write them in his copy or a sheet of lined paper. **Remind your child to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

1. The cat is on top of the tree.

2. The hen went to get some corn.

3. We went for a walk down the street.

4. I will meet you in the park.

5. You need a torch to see in the dark.

6. The man beeped the horn.

7. We live in Cork.

8. You have to fill in the form.

9. I must peel the banana.

10. The farmer has ten sheep.

Literacy- Spellings

Encourage your child to practise spelling the following words during the week.

Remember to sound them out.

**Challenge Time**

Why not have a little challenge at the end of the week. This is a good way to revise the sound learned that week.

Call out the above spelling words. Mix them up.

Encourage our child to write them in a vertical, numbered list, like he does in his Spellings copy.

Word Family Games. Click here >>>>> Word Families

Literacy – Handwriting

Capital Letters Y and Z  

Complete pages 24 & 36. If you have these done practise on a sheet of paper or in your copybook.

Literacy- Creative Writing

Encourage your child to write about something they like. They can write in a copy or on a sheet of paper. If they wanted, perhaps they could write about our theme this week.

  • Who works in a café/restaurant?
  • When might you visit a restaurant?
  • What would you see in a restaurant?
  • What type of food might be on the menu?
  • Write about a time you visited a restaurant.

Literacy- Procedure Writing

Task: Write a Procedure on making Rice Krispie buns.

Rice Krispie Buns Sequencing Cards

Jelly Sequencing Cards

You can use the following framework to help you. You might prefer to write on a page or in your copy.

Numeracy Counting Ideas

  • Count forwards 0-20
  • Count backwards 20-0
  • Start at any number and get them to count on to 20
  • Start at any number and count back to 0
  • Pick a number between 0-20 and ask your child what number comes before and after.
  • Count forwards and backwards 0-20.

Numeracy- Topic of the Week Days of the Week

Below is a list of useful suggestions/ ideas relating to this topic!

Complete below pages 119,120, 121 in the Busy At Maths textbook, if not completed already.

Busy at Maths page 119

Busy at Maths page 120

Busy at Maths page 121

Number Work: Click on the useful links below to practise working with numbers.


 *** You can view this week’s Irish videos on Microsoft Teams, Under Files > Class Materials ***

S.E.S.E- History


Listen to ‘Mama Panya’s Pancakes’ story below.

  • Ask child to retell the story.
  • Discuss main events/favourite part.
  • Ask the child to sequence the story orally – What happened at the beginning, middle and end?
  • Encourage your child to draw pictures of the story.

S.E.S.E- Science

Watch the video below.

  • Talk about materials/objects or things that melt and things that don’t melt.
  • Do an experiment to see which melts faster, milk chocolate/dark chocolate or white chocolate.
  • Allow your child to make some predictions before they start.
  • Record your results by drawing a picture.
  • Add in some Rice Krispies and you could write the procedure to link in with your English writing work!

S.P.H.E: Topic : Road Safety

Have a discussion with your child.

▲ What games do you like to play? Where do you like to play? Why? 

▲ Do you ever play on the road? Is this a good idea? Why?/Why not?

▲ Are there dangerous places to play in the house? Where are they? Why are these places dangerous?

▲ Is there anything at home that would be dangerous to play with? (e.g. matches, lighters, knives, medicines, electrical equipment) Why are these things dangerous?

▲ Is it safe to play in the garden? Do you ever play in the park? What are the good things about playing in the park?

▲ Is there any place you like to play that you are not allowed to play? Why?

▲ Are there any rules about playing in the school yard? What are these rules? Why are these rules there?

Keeping Active:

  • Join Joe Wicks on youtube daily at 9a.m ‘P.E. with Joe’.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga on youtube.
  • Practise football skills- throwing/catching a ball
  • Go for a run/scoot/cycle with someone in the family


  • Paint/draw a picture of a café/ restaurant. * Think about what to include; people, tables, chairs, cups, plates, food etc
  • Learn  how to draw an ice-cream.
  • Learn how to draw a sandwich.

Watch the following videos and follow the step-by-step instructions carefully. Good Luck!

We would love to see how you get on. 😊


May is the month in which we remember Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Continue to practise the Hail Mary prayer at home.

Holy Mary- Colouring Page