3rd Class Homework Miss Mangan 25th May – 29th May

Dear Parent/s,

It’s another week closer to the summer holidays boys. I know that at times it is difficult to keep focused, but I know how hard each and every one of you is working and I am so proud of you all. A big thank you to all the parents for your ongoing patience and cooperation. It is hugely appreciated. Remember that the work given is only there as a guide and if it is proving stressful in any way, please take a break from it. A lot of the activities are extra. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with the work, please don’t hesitate to email me at ymangan@togherboys.com or contact me on Microsoft Teams. I will be in contact with you again over the coming week. Have a great weekend.

English Spellings                                                  Irish Spellings:

nephew                                                                    cóla (coke)

minute                                                                      líomanáid (lemonade)

amount                                                                    píotsa (pizza)

answer                                                                   bialann (a restaurant)

enough                                                                      sceallóga (chips)                                                                                                                             

guest                                                                          borgaire ( a burger)

double                                                                       milseog (dessert)

biscuit                                                                        uachtar reoite (ice-cream)

piece                                                                           ispíní (sausages)

potato                                                                         cairéad (a carrot)

lovely                                                                          sicín (chicken)

sense                                                                           rís (rice)


licence                                               ( Pronunciation audio file for the  

already                                                       spellings and the Irish story will be

attack                                                          on Microsoft teams)

Dictation Sentences:

  1. My Mum threw me a surprise birthday party last weekend.
  2. I had such a lovely holiday last year in France.
  3. I know the answer to that question.
  4. After I’m finished my homework, I am allowed to have a biscuit.
  5. My favourite thing for dinner is chicken and potato.

    Oral Language:

Speak on the Topics. Would you rather questions? This week, I would like you to pick 5 of the 10 questions below and explain which one you would rather. Make sure you give a good reason for what you have chosen, e.g. I would rather fly than read minds because you could always have an aerial view of what is happening around you and you can also visit any place in the world that you wanted to. You can send an audio file back to me, if you wish to do so.

 Dingbats:  Round 2 (Who can get all the answers? Have fun!)

Links from the table above:


https://www.grammar.cl/Games/Comparatives_Superlatives.htm (game)



 Remember an acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line is used to describe the topic you are talking about, e.g. B – butterflies start out as caterpillars, U – under the protection of their cocoon, they start to change and grow etc.

An Bhialann

Bhí breithlá Rossa ann inné (It was Rossa’s birthday yesterday)

Bhí sé naoi mbliana d’aois (He was 9 years old)

Chuaigh an chlann go léir go dtí an bhialann (The whole family went to the restaurant)

Bhí ocras ar na páistí (The children were hungry)

D’ith Neasa píotsa, ispíní agus sceallóga (Neasa had pizza, chips and sausages)

D’ith Seán sceallóga agus borgaire (Seán had burgers and chips)

D’ól siad cóla agus líomanáid (They drank coke and lemonade)

Bhí uachtar reoite ag na páistí don mhilseog (The children had ice-cream for dessert)

Other games for practising tables:




Other useful websites/ideas:




www.topmarks.co.uk (the daily 10 mental maths is a fabulous resource)


www.twinkl.ie (free resources for a month)

RTE School Hub – Mon – Fri @ 11 (definitely worth watching)

Will Sliney -a drawing a day challenge

The Body Coach TV workouts (youtube 9 a.m. Monday – Friday  

Extra activities: Gratitude Journal: Daily activity – Write three things that you are grateful for today.

Try one of these. It is really important to do activities together as a family, especially fun activities.

Daily Challenge (P. E.) Go Noodle Work out Videos


I hope you enjoyed learning all about bees last week. We are going to stick with the theme of insects this week and learn all about butterflies. Look at the different parts of the butterfly below.

Can you label the parts of a butterfly? Try the worksheet below.


The Life cycle of the Butterfly

Watch these amazing videos above to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and all about Monarch Butterflies.

Write about the life cycle of a butterfly using the worksheet below.


Science/Art:10 Easy Experiments that can be done at home

Stay Safe program: (Revision)


You can click on Teacher Resources and access the lessons and the resources (3rd and 4th class lessons)

Topic 2 Friendship and Bullying  Lesson 5: Coping with bullying:

Your child should be able to understand the importance of never keeping secrets about bullying behaviour,

  • Understand the role of supporting others that are being bullied
  • Break the silence about bullying
  • Learn strategies for dealing with bullying or threats of bullying
  • Identify adults that could help them

Worksheet TR12 – Safety Tips/TR13 – Good things to say

Life can be stressful sometimes. Why not make a stress ball to relieve the tension. Have a go!

Fun and simple art activities that you can be trying over the next few weeks: (butterfly theme)


The Butterfly Waltz

Listen to the butterfly waltz below. Can you name the things that the composer uses in the music to portray the butterfly?

Once again, this work is only a guide. Please do not feel under any pressure. While schoolwork is important, be sure you make time for the fun things too. Stay safe and I hope to meet you all again very soon.  Have a good week and take care.

Miss Mangan