Senior Infants 2nd-5th June Ms. Hurley & Ms. Collins

Dear Parents,

Thank you for continuing to engage with the online learning platform. We love receiving your children’s wonderful work each week.

We remain available for contact and feedback on work, during school hours, Remember we are also available daily on MS Teams from 10-11am for instant chat. This is also an opportunity for the boys to interact with one another.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding!

Ms. Hurley & Ms. Collins

Literacy – Oral Language

Listen to and enjoy Frozen In Summer. Olaf is singing about all the thins he likes to do in Summer.

When you have finished watching the video, discuss all the things that you and your child like about Summer.

Literacy- Poetry

Literacy- Phonics

This week the boys will be revising the ‘ng’ sound at the end of words.

  • sing, ring, thing, song, king, long, ding, dong, bang, hang, strong

Practise singing the  Jolly Phonics ‘ng’ Song

Watch the videos below to help the boys understand the short and ‘ng’ sound.

  • Task: See how many ‘ng’ words you can write down in 3 minutes. Have a race against an adult to see who can write the most words in 3 minutes.
  • Task: Call out the following sentences and encourage you son to write them down independently;

Literacy- Spellings

  • Encourage your child to practise spelling the following words during the week.

**Challenge Time**

  • Why not have a little challenge at the end of the week. This is a good way to revise the sound learned that week.
  • Call out the above spelling words. Mix them up.
  • Encourage our child to write them in a vertical, numbered list, like he does in his Spellings copy.

Dictation Sentences

  1. She sang a long song.
  2. I have a green swing.
  3. The man is very strong.
  4. The bee stung me in my finger.
  5. Can you bring me to school.
  6. The bells go ding dong all day long.
  7. My birthday is in Spring.
  8. The King has a ring on his finger.
  • Rhyming Words: Discuss words that end in ‘ill’ and ‘ash’

ill – fill, kill, pill, till, mill, bill, spill, chill, still

ash- cash, bash, mash, rash, crash, trash, splash

Task: Encourage your son to orally list out “ill” words and ‘ash’ words to you. Then progress to writing these words out independently.

Literacy – Reading

Read the following stories with your child.

Take turns reading with them using some of these strategies:

  • My Turn, Your Turn. You take turns reading a paragraph of a page.
  • Choral Reading. You read at the same time.
  • Echo Reading. You read first and your child echoes the same sentence or paragraph you just read.
  • Act It Out. You act out the story together or pretend to be characters in the story and read the lines.

*Link with Oral Language*

  • Look out for butterflies and any other insects/creatures you may see when you are in your garden or perhaps when you are going for a walk.
  • Write a list or draw what you can see.
  • What is the weather like? Draw a picture of what weather is like today.
  • Talk about your favourite things to do during the Summer and write a list/draw them.

Encourage your child to read the stories below.

Click Here to access more books.

  • Click teacher log in.
  • Enter User name:
  • Password: Parents20!
  • Then click on Collins Big Fat Cat.
  • Click on the pink band books.

Literacy-Tricky Words

Revise 1-60.

  • Tricky Word Games
  • Against the Clock – Speed and fluency are very important when it comes to reading “tricky” words, and this game is great for developing these qualities.
  • Write out some tricky words on pieces of paper.
  • Put the pile of tricky words in front of your son. 
  • He has 1 minute to read as many as he can (Use an egg timer (or stop watch on your phone).
  • Tricky Words Bingo-
  • Draw 9 boxes on a page and write 1 tricky word in each box.
  • Call out a word for your child.
  • They need to find the word on the page and colour it in.

Tips for learning how to spell words:

  1. Look at and say the word.
  2. Trace it with your finger.
  3. Copy the word down.
  4. Cover the word and write it independently.
  5. Check to see if you got it right.
  • Call out the following dictation sentences and encourage you son to write them down independently.
  1. They like to have a look at the fish.
  2. What can you see down there?
  3. This one looks the best.
  4. It is so hot in here.
  5. We can come by bus.
  6. They give me some help.
  7. We can have good food here.
  8. I have to live in this hut.
  9. Where did the old man go?
  10. Who did you go out with?

Literacy- Handwriting

  • Revise forming capital letters E,F,G,H

**Don’t forget to use the correct letter formation.

Literacy- Writing

Encourage your child to write and draw about what you see during Summer.

Use a copy or any sheet of paper you have at home.

You can also use the In Summer I see…. writing frame.

Literacy- Recount Writing

Write a recount something you did last Summer that you really enjoyed. E.g. A day you spent at the beach, a Summer holiday you were on, a day at the park. You can write your recount in a copy or on a sheet of paper.

Use the headings below to help write the Summer Recount.

Literacy- Procedural Writing

Watch the video below on ‘How to Make Ice Cubes’.

Can you recall the steps?

Task: Write a Procedure on making Ice Cubes.

  • You can use the following framework to help you. You might prefer to write on a page or in your copy.

Procedure Writing Template


*Continue to practise counting at home.*

  • Count forwards 0-20
  • Count backwards 20-0
  • Start at any number and get them to count on to 20
  • Start at any number and count back to 0
  • Pick a number between 0-20 and ask your child what number comes before and after.
  • Count forwards and backwards 0-20.

Encourage your child to have a go at the following pages or create your own similar activities.

See below some examples of daily maths questions that you could practise regularly:

  • What day was yesterday?
  • What day is today?
  • What month are we in?
  • What year are we in?
  • When is your birthday?
  • You had 5 cakes but your mum ate 2. How many do you have left?
  • What number comes before 7?
  • What number comes in between 9 and 11?
  • 2+5= ___
  • —- + 4 = 8
  • I had 2 fish. My dad gave me 3 more. How many do I have altogether?
  • What shape is this?
  • How many ___ do you see?

Game Time

You Can:

Count Ladybird spots 1-10 (number)

Count Ladybird spots 1-10 (word)

Match Ladybird to leaves (1-10)

Order Ladybird on leaves 1-10, smallest to largest

Order Ladybird on leaves 1-10, largest to smallest.


*You can view this week’s Irish videos on Microsoft Teams, Under Files > Class Materials > Irish *

  • Encourage your son to watch one cartoon in Irish on TG4 from 8 am and again at 1500 (PJ Masks, Sponge Bob, Curious George)
  • Cúla4 at 10 am ar scoil, it is also available online

S.E.S.E- Science

Topic: Materials Melting

It’s experiment time!!!!

  • Here is a list of some everyday food items at home: ice cream, ice cubes, an ice lolly, chocolate, butter, an apple, cereal (all items are not necessary – use whatever you have at home).
  • Look at every item and predict what will melt in the sun. Record your predictions on a piece of paper.
  • Leave all food items in the sun for 10 minutes.
  • Look and check which items do melt/do not melt.
  • Draw what melts and does not melt. Look at your predictions. Were any of your predictions right?


  • Design your own Rainbow Fish. Click here for ideas.



Topic : Sun Safety

Have a chat with your child about sun safety. Below are some discussion points.

• Can you see the sun? Can you look right at the sun? Why or why not? What can we do to protect our eyes?

• Can you feel the sun? What does it feel like on your skin? What happens when our skin gets too much sun?

 • Have you ever had a sunburn? What does that feel like?

 • What did you do when you had a sunburn? Do you know how to be in the sun without it burning you?

 • What do we do in the winter when it is sunny and we are playing outside?

Task 1: Find a bag at home that will serve as their personal Sun Kit.

• This bag should be light and compact, but big enough to hold supplies for being in the sun: a shirt, sunscreen and a hat.

Task 2: Design a Sun Safety Poster


Relays- You can choose a number of different relays. If your child has no one to race against, you could time them and see can they do it faster the 2nd/3rd time.

Relay Ideas-

Egg and spoon race


Place something flat (like a cone or a paper plate) on their head and they have to go as fast as they can from one end of the garden to the other without the object falling.

Rolling on the ground from one end to the other. Children love this!

Other ways to keep active:

  • 10@10 has great 10-minute work outs.
  • Click on Go Noodle for short movement breaks, stretches and dance routines.
  • Cosmic kids yoga on You Tube
  • The Body Coach on YouTube channel at 9 am.
  • Go for a cycle/scoot/walk with a member of the family.

Religion-  Lesson- We Can Grow in Love

*You can view this week’s Religion video on Microsoft Teams, Under Files > Class Materials > Religion*

Activity: Choices Activity Page


God our Father I have come to say,

Thank you for your love today,

Thank you for my family and all the friends you give to me,

Guard me in the dark of night and in the morning send your light,



Angel sent by God to guide me,

Be my light and walk beside me,

Be my guard and protect me.

On paths of life direct me.


Other Suggested Activities:

• Can you feel the sun? What does it feel like on your skin? What happens when our skin gets too much sun?

 • Has anyone ever had a sunburn? What does that feel like?

 • What did you do when you had a sunburn? Do you know how to be in the sun without it burning you?