Junior Infants 8th-19th June Ms. Hurley & Ms. Daly

Dear Parents,

We would like to thank you for your continued efforts and support. We are so pleased with the work that is being done at home during this time. We completely understand how stressful it is but from what we have seen from the work that has been sent in, you and your child are doing a fantastic job!

We have put together some activities for the next two weeks, giving you more time to complete the work. As the Summer holidays draw near, we understand it can be hard for children to remain focussed and motivated. Try and do a little work regularly, this will help maintain their standard.

Remember continuous practise and repetition is essential at this young age.

If you have any questions about the work, please do not hesitate to contact us by email – ahurley@togherboy.com or cdaly@togherboys.com

Please let the children know we really miss them and we are thinking of them a lot.

Kind regards,

Ms. Hurley & Ms. Daly

Our theme for the fortnight will be ‘The Jungle’.

Literacy – Oral Language

Discuss the poster picture with your child.

See below some suggestions to develop conversation:

 ●● Where is this place? (Encourage use of all the different names: jungle, rainforest, tropical forest, etc.)

●● How do you know what this place is?

●● What is happening in this picture?

●● Tell me what you can see.

●● Have you ever seen a picture like this before? Talk about nature programmes/books, cartoons set in the jungle, The Jungle Book film.

●● I wonder what it is like to live/visit here.

●● Do you know anyone who has visited a jungle? Would you like to visit a jungle?

 ●● What would you need to wear? ●● Name the animals that you can see on the poster. They live in the jungle.

●● Who can you see in the picture? ●● What do you think they are saying?

Now Click Here to play the interactive poster.

Play the song  >> Down In The Jungle


Down in the jungle where nobody goes

There’s a great big gorilla washing his clothes.

With a rub-a-dub here and a rub-a-dub there

That’s the way he washes his clothes!

Boom boogie boom boogie boogie woogie – boo! (x3)

That’s the way he washes his clothes.

Repeat: slithery snake – ssssssssss,

great big crocodile – snap,

great big elephant – whap!

Game Time : Name Two More (This game can be played with a parent or an older sibling.)

  • Your child should think of everyday objects/animals that they know, not necessarily from the jungle.

For example: A banana is yellow. Name two more yellow things? My schoolbag, the parrot’s beak and a lemon.

An elephant is very big. Name two more things that are big.

The jungle trees are tall. Name two more tall things.

A parrot is a type of bird. Name two more birds.

A tiger is a type of big cat. Name two more cats.

A butterfly is a type of insect. Name two more insects.

 A jeep is a way of travelling around. Name two more ways of travelling around.

Literacy- Phonics    Revise. This is very important.

  • Please see below the sounds learned to date.
  • Encourage your child to practise the Jolly Phonics action as he says the sound.
  • It helps them recall the story associated with the sound.

Encourage your child to listen to the videos below and sing along.

Group 1 Video

Group 2 Video

Group 3 Video

Group 4 Video

Group 5 Video

How to revise Jolly Phonics Sounds.

*Main focus should be letters and sounds a-z, to begin with.*

  1. Sing the songs, using the actions.
  2. Write each letter on a small piece of paper. Show him one letter and ask him to tell you the sound it makes. (Encourage him to use the Jolly Phonics action to help him remember the associated sound.)
  3. Call out a sound and ask your child to write the letter correctly.
  4. Next, begin to call out a variety of words. For example:  zig, zag, yes, wag, get, rat, vet, van, yet, wig

Activity Idea: Divide a page into boxes like below. Write one letter in each box. Ask your child to draw and colour two pictures that begin with the sound in each box.

r  gu

Game: Roll a dice. Read the words.

Literacy – Reading

Things That Can Go

Come Play With Me


  • Click Here to access a wide variety of stories online.

Tricky Words

This fortnight we will be revising group 3 words.

  • Put them into sentences orally.
  • Practise writing them, perhaps you could use different colour markers/crayons.
  • Have some fun with chalk-writing.

** Game Time**

Tricky Words Scavenger Hunt-

  • Write the above tricky words on a sheet of paper.
  • You could then write a few of these words on smaller pieces of paper and hide them in a room in the house.
  • Call out one of the words from your sheet of paper and your child can go and search for it.
  • When your child finds the word they colour the matching word on your sheet.

Tricky Words Bingo-

  • Draw 6 boxes on a page and write 1 tricky word in each box.
  • Call out a word for your child.
  • They need to find the word on the page and colour it in.

Literacy- Handwriting

  • Remember: Hold your pencil correctly.
  • Revise letters b , h, k

Letter b formation Video

Letter h formation Video

Letter k formation Video

  • Continue to practise writing your name.

Literacy- Writing ( Recount)

My News

  • Encourage your child to draw pictures and attempt to write a recount of a piece of news.
  • He should try and sound out the words as he writes. Correct spelling is not important.

Perhaps he made pancakes with you.

When? Yesterday (Drawing)  Who? Me & Mum (Drawing)Where? Kitchen (Drawing)What? Making Pancakes (Drawing)
Yesterday mum and I were in the kitchen making pancakes.
They were really yummy.

Literacy- Writing

Dictation Sentences

  • Call out three sentences each day. Your child can write them on lined paper.
  • You should not let your child see the sentences and copy them.  
  • Encourage your child to sound out the words as he writes.


This fortnight, we are revising our 2D Shapes that we learned in school – circle, square, rectangle and triangle.

When you are revising, be sure to remember not just the shape name but also how many sides and corners they have!

Can you remember how many sides a circle has? That’s right! Just one curved side.

  • Have a listen to the song.

Shape Hunt Activity: With the help of an adult, draw out a grid like below. Go around your house, or even better, go outside an draw what you can see. E.g. draw a plate in the circle box or draw a radiator in the rectangle box.

Shape Monsters Activity: Using some paper, help your child to draw some 2D shapes such as square, rectangle, circle or triangle. Colour it in your favourite colour.

On a separate piece of paper, draw some arms, legs, eyes and teeth.

Stick these onto your monster and make it look as scary as you can.

Here are some ideas.

Guess the Shape Activity:

Use post-it notes or just regular paper and some tape. Adult draws for the shape on the post-it note(you must not look) and put it on your forehead. You must ask questions such as

‘Do I have 4 equal sides?’ to try and figure out the shape you are.


Look at the patterns and shapes on the elephants.

Print and colour your own pattern elephants. You could also draw and decorate an elephant using lots of different patterns, colours and shapes.

Practise Number formation.


*You can view this fortnight’s Irish videos on Microsoft Teams, Under Files > Class Materials > Irish *

Breithlá/ Birthday – Lesson 1

Cén aois thú ? >>>> How old are you ?

Tá mé ceithre bliana d’aois. >>>>I am 4 years old.

Tá mé cúig bliana d’aois. >>>> I am 5 years old.

Breithlá- Lesson 2

Lá Breithlá Sona Dhuit! >>>> Happy Birthday.

Go raibh maith agat. >>>> Thank You.

Seo dhuit beart. >>>> Here is a parcel.

Go raibh maith agat. >>>> Thank You.

Seo dhuit cáca. >>>> Here is a cake.

Go raibh maith agat. >>>> Thank you.

Breithlá- Lesson 3

Bhí Teidí ceithre bliana d’aois. >>> Teddy was 4 years old.

Rinne Oisín cáca deas mór. >>> Oisín made a nice, big cake.

D’ith Teidí píosa cáca. >>> Teddy ate a piece of cake.

Breithlá- Lesson 4

Rinne Oisín cáca. >>> Oisín made a cake.

Cáca deas mór. >>> A nice big cake.

D’ith Teidi píosa. >>> Teddy ate a piece.

Píosa breá mór. >>> A fine big piece.

  • Encourage your son to watch one cartoon in Irish on TG4 from 8 am to 1500 (PJ Masks, Sponge Bob, Curious George)
  • Cúla4 www.cula4.com at 10 am ar scoil, it is also available online https://www.cula4.com/en/


  • Watch the story Rumble in the Jungle and see what animals you can find.
  • These animals like to live in the jungle or the rainforest.

Task : Draw a picture of the animals you find.

Task: Write a few sentences about one Jungle Animal.


  • Learn how to draw a giraffe
  • Learn how to draw an elephant
  • See other Art & Craft Ideas below.


This fortnight, we will be looking at the skill of kicking.

Other ways to keep active:

  • 10@10 has great 10-minute work outs.
  • Click on Go Noodle for short movement breaks, stretches and dance routines.
  • Cosmic kids yoga on You Tube
  • The Body Coach on YouTube channel at 9 am.
  • Go for a cycle/scoot/walk with a member of the family.


Lesson- We Give Thanks

*You can listen to this week’s Religion song on Microsoft Teams, Under Files > Class Materials > Religion*

See Lyrics Below

Task: On a piece of paper, write down four things you are grateful for.

Continue to practise prayers.

SPHE – Topic – Feelings and Worries

Task 1 – Listen to the following story A Huge Bag of Worries

Discussion Points:

  • Why was Jenny upset?
  • Did you every worry about anything?
  • Do you think it is important to chat to someone if you do feel worried?
  • Who would you chat to if you had a worry?
  • If you saw someone that had a worry, what would you do?
  • A problem shared is a problem halved!

Task 2 – Write out a worry you have on a piece of paper. Then rip it up into tiny pieces. Feel your worry drift away!

Other Suggested Activities:

  • Starfall click here
  • Chalk writing
  • Khan Academy kids- app
  • Click Here to access phonics games  username march20 password home
  • Boardgames
  • Baking
  • Painting