Deireadh an fhÓmhair

First class are sad to say farewell to autumn.

We’ve had great fun learning about all the animals that hibernate, such as the hedgehog.

Some boys went on woodland walks. They noticed colourful, crunchy carpets of leaves. To recreate our own deciduous trees, we learned a technique called pointillism.

We read and recited some interesting, rhyming autumn poems. Then we decided to write acrostics of our own. Enjoy reading a selection below!

Did you know that people used to carve turnips in Ireland to make jack-o-lanterns? The native American pumpkin later became the popular vegetable to use – it is bigger, softer and easier to carve.

The boys explored the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. She is known as “the princess of polka dots” and is famous for her polka dot pumpkins.

We painted our own interpretations of her polka dot pumpkins. We hope you like them.

Now we are SO EXCITED about Halloween. We can’t wait to dress up for our class party on Friday. Check back here… if you dare…to see our spooky costumes and characters!!

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