Runaway pumpkins in junior infants

Mr O’Halloran’s class have been so busy this month learning all about Halloween.

We read the story ‘Runaway Pumpkin’, which is a story about a humongous pumpkin that keeps rolling down a hill, destroying everything in its tracks. The story got our scientific brains thinking, we decided to make a wall out of different classroom objects to try stop the runaway pumpkin.

First, we brainstormed the different classroom objects we could use to stop the pumpkin. This is what we came up with.

Then we made a blueprint of our plan on our whiteboards. Wouldn’t we be great engineers?

Next it was time to go to the halla to build our walls. We made a wall out of school bags, blocks, books, chairs and boxes.

Finally it was time to test our walls! Watch the videos below to see which one of our walls stopped our runaway pumpkin 🙂


Our final results! We were surprised that the school bags were able to stop the humongous pumpkin. So next time if you see a runaway pumpkin, grab your school bags QUICK and start building your wall 🙂