Skittles scIence experiment in junior infants. Science week 2020.

This week is Science Week and the Junior Infants in Mr O’Halloran’s class conducted the ‘Skittles Experiment’. We had so much fun planning, predicting and conducting our investigation 🙂 Take a look below to see how we carried out our experiment.

First, we learned about the terms ‘Dissolve’ and ‘Diffuse’. First, we watched our teacher drop a soluble vitamin tablet into a jug of water. The vitamin dissolved in the water.

Next we learned about the term ‘Diffuse’. A simple explanation of diffuse is to ‘spread out’. We dropped food colouring into a jug of water and watched the green food colouring ‘spread out’ around the jug of water.

Our next task was to sort the skittles into 5 colours. We needed 8 red/yellow/orange/purple/green skittles. We really enjoyed using our counting, sorting and classifying skills – skills we’ve been learning about in our maths classes:)

Next we arranged our skittles in a pattern around a white plate.

Finally, our teacher poured warm water in the middle of the plate. We watched the warm water dissolve the coloured sugar on the skittles, and then watch it diffuse around the plate.