junIor infants toy show

The Late Late Toy Show is on tonight and the Junior Infants in Mr O’Halloran’s class could not contain their excitement, so we decided to organise our own Toy Show in school today. Our teacher took on the role of the presenter, whilst we took on the roles of elves. We drew pictures and created designs of the toys we would like to see on the Toy Show. Some boys drew some existing toys such as Lego and teddies, whilst other boys designed new toys that haven’t been created yet. We then drew a picture of all the yummy treats we will have when watching the show tonight. Take a look below to see our toys and treats 🙂

Joe would like to see Lego on tonight’s show. He is going to eat loads of lollipops whilst watching!

This is Mihai. Mihai said he would like to see a toy house on the Toy Show tonight. Mihai said he’s going to have lollipops and bananas whilst he watches the show – how healthy!

Ryan designed an Elf teddy that can walk and talk. Mr O’Halloran thinks these would fly off the shelf! Ryan then drew a picture of popcorn, crisps and a chocolate bar 🙂

Fionn created a toy based off the Greatest Showman which is his favourite movie. The toy can sing all the songs from the movie in different voices – how cool. Fionn drew a picture of all the sweets he’s going to eat later on.

This is Ismael , and Ismael decided to design a naughty toy! Ismael designed a ‘house monster’ that loves to take peoples bicycles 😳 Hopefully Ismael’s toy won’t get up to too much mischief.