Sixth class visit Togher Church.

On Tuesday sixth class paid a visit to the church to meet Fr.Ben. We are beginning our preparation for receiving our Confirmation later this school year and we received a very warm welcome from Fr. Ben .We commenced our visit by gathering at the corner stone on the wall of the church where we noted that is is now fifty years since this stone was laid . This is a significant year for our parish and we are going to undertake a project on the beginnings of our special parish.

Fr. Ben spoke to us about Little Nellie, a little girl who lived in Cork in the last century. She was a very special little girl who was venerated by many for her precocious spiritual awareness and alleged mystical life.We discovered that she was particularly dedicated to the Eucharist and the story of her life inspired Pope Pius X to allow young children receive the sacrament of Holy Communion.

We found the story very interesting and we were particularly impressed by the amazing sketches of her story which were done by our parishioner John Doolan. The work is absolutely spectacular and we would encourage people to visit this fantastic display in our church.We left after receiving miraculous medals from Fr. Ben which we are going to carry with us on our spiritual journey this year.

A very big Thank You to Fr. Ben for our visit which we enjoyed immensely. We look forward to returning to our weekly mass very soon.