Fifth and sixth class trip to Cork City Gaol.

This Friday,September 24th fifth and sixth classes set out bright and early for Sunday’s Well to visit the gaol. Our first stop was Centra where we all revived ourselves with refreshments.We commend the boys for the courtesy shown to everyone we met today.

We reached Fitzgerald’s Park which was absolutely spectacular on this beautiful autumn morning. We crossed the famous Shakey Bridge,the boys certainly made sure it shook….

Finally,we reached our destination.We were in groups of four and listened intently to the story of the gaol.When the prison opened in the 1820s,it housed both male and female prisoners whose crimes were committed within the city boundaries. We were shocked as many of the crimes incurring sentences at the time were very minor. The Fenian Brian Dillon was remanded in Cork City Gaol when he was arrested in 1865.

We were fascinated by the stories ,many of them very sad and representative of the harsh times which prevailed.

Finally,we walked back to Fitzgerald’s Park and enjoyed our game time and no doubt the delicious ice cream.We all enjoyed our great day and we are already looking forward to our next day out.