Commemorating 9/11 in sixth class.

An unthinkable event happened to the United States of America and its citizens on September 11,2001.Terrorists hijacked four passenger jet airliners,each carrying tanks full of fuel and large numbers of passengers,enroute to destinations in western United States.The hijackers commandeered the planes and deliberately flew these planes to points where destruction was achieved:the World Trade Centre in New York City and the Pentagon in Arlington,Virginia,next to Washington D.C., the nation’s capital.

We studied these events on the twentieth anniversary of the catastrophe.We found it very interesting albeit very sad and many of us undertook projects on the event.We planned the making of models.

Some of us used cardboard and other materials while others used Lego.The end results were excellent as you will see in the photos.After this event George W. Bush declared war on terrorism and we now understand why the tight security arrangements operate in airports throughout the world.

Written by: Noah Richards, Oscar Mc Gowan O’Farrell,Jibade Suleman,Roshan Suriraj and Amin Kedrouche.