Creative and Scientific work in 5th Class

In 5th class, we have been working incredibly hard since we restarted school in September. The boys have been collaborating to produce some fine work. Here are just some of the fun activities we have completed.

As part of our work on the skeletal system, we made models of the human hand and learned just how many bones there are.

As part of our work on the respiratory system, we made models of the human lungs and learned about the entire breathing process.

We enjoyed a virtual visit from The Lifetime Lab. The presentation was extremely interesting and the boys were delighted to learn about electrical circuits. Their ability to predict outcomes and conduct experiments was hugely impressive.

We can not only work scientifically though, we can be very creative also. Here are some of the Halloween masterpieces we produced.


Following our work with clay, during which we focused on 3D form and painting, we decided to plan and draw our own prints. We cut these out and used them to print loads of spooky images. We then used these images to decorate our poetry wall.

We have had a great start to term one and we’re looking forward to plenty more fun tasks and challenges as the year goes on.