Fifth and Sixth Class visit St. Finbarr’s Cemetery.

This term we are studying the twentieth century in History class. We are very interested in this particular time in Ireland especially as we are commemorating the many events that happened a century ago.We are learning about the Easter Rising, The War of Independence and the Civil War.

We were fascinated to learn that Togher was a hotbed of activity during the War of Independence.We visited the Republican Plot in St.Finbarr’s Cemetery and noted the names of many young men from our locality who lost their lives during these troubling times.

In particular,we studied the lives of our two ex Lord Mayors who died in the 1920s.Tomás Mac Curtain was shot by Crown forces at his home in Blackpool while Terence Mc Swiney died on hunger strike in Brixton Prison in England.Both men are also buried in St. Finbarr’s Cemetery.

We had a great day out and we are about to undertake projects on these topics in the coming weeks.