Living Life to the full: Catholic Schools Week

As we adapt to the many challenges and changes that the
COVID-19 pandemic has caused, we are given the opportunity
to reflect on the things that give our lives meaning. For some, it
is family, friends, community sports or hobbies. For Catholics,
it is God’s love and wish for us to know and love him that gives
life ultimate meaning. Jesus Christ is the revelation of this love,
realised through his life, death and resurrection. In response
to this, we reflect upon how Catholic schools are communities
where we live life to the full.
Every Catholic school fosters the holistic development of
its students, promotes their wellbeing and encourages them
to learn and nurture their talent and skills. Each child has
the potential to change the world for the better, making it a
kinder, more inclusive and more welcoming place. This week,
we celebrate the gifts and talents we have in following Jesus’
teaching. This year, we celebrate how we are called to be
communities of faith and resilience, through our thoughts,
words and actions.


Resources for each class