Green Schools Update

Dear parent(s)/ guardian(s),

We are writing to update you on some of the work being done in our school to promote biodiversity!

In January students from 2nd to 6th class took part in a biodiversity awareness survey.

The students were asked 5 questions:

  1. Have you ever heard of the term ‘biodiversity’ before? – 37% of students knew the answer
  2. What does biodiversity mean? – 45% of students knew the answer
  3. List 3 reasons why biodiversity is so important. – 20% of students knew the answer
  4. List 3 threats to biodiversity. – 25% of students knew the answer
  5. List 3 ways we can help or protect biodiversity. – 16% of students knew the answer

New flower beds in the garden and in front of the school were created.

Wildflower seeds were sown along the perimeter of the school.

Classes have been busy planting flowers, vegetables and fruit.

Students in 4th class created a willow dome.

A new bird hotel was put up in the garden.

We are taking part in the ‘Biodive’ and ‘Save the Bees’ initiatives. We only need 3 more stickers to complete the Biodive poster. (Thanks to everyone for helping to collect the stickers)

We aim to run more exciting projects in the future to promote a healthy biodiversity in our school!

Green Schools Committee