The Titanic by Mak Ropac, 3rd Class

The Titanic was a ship built by a company called The White Star Line and that same company also built two other ships called The Britannic as well as The Olympic. The Titanic was so big and it took a long time to build it. Everyone said that The Titanic would never sink even the people that made The Titanic were so sure that The Titanic would never sink that they put only 24 life boats. But the Titanic’s minutes of fame wouldn’t last long as a tragedy would strike The Titanic on its first and last trip. When the Titanic set sail every thing seemed to be okay until the iceberg. Now this disaster could’ve been avoided for multiple reasons like the person that was on the lookout could’ve seen the iceberg sooner if he had binoculars but a previous crew member was taken out of the crew and he forgot to give back the key that would give the lookout access to the binoculars. When the lookout saw the iceberg, the lookout yelled iceberg ahead. The lookout rushed to the captain to warn him about the iceberg. The captain was able swerve the ship out of the way but it was too late and the damage had been done. The iceberg hit the side of The Titanic. At first nothing was really happening but soon enough water started to pour in. The crew instructed the passengers that women and children would go first. There were not enough life boats as everyone was so sure that the Titanic would never would never sink. The captain tried to send a CQD and an SOS message in search of help. But no one heard them. At that point the captain said every man for himself. Only 706 people were able to escape the Titanic. 1,517 unlucky people died by either hypothermia or by excepting their fate and not wanting to be called a coward. The people that were lucky enough to escape did try to come back and save more people but only 4 people were able to survive the water. The other two ships also sunk. The Britannic was used as a hospital ship to carry wounded soldiers from world war 1. The Britannic did sink when it hit a mine that was planted by the enemies. The Olympic was the only ship left and after the first world war it became operational again. The Olympic was used to carry passengers. But in in 1935 The Olympic was taken out of service and two years later in 1937 The Olympic was broken up for scrap. THE END.