Our Trip to Spike Island and Cobh

Jason Desmond

For our school tour I woke up quarter to 7. I got to school at quarter past 8. We had to get there for 8:20. We left on the bus at around half 8. We got to pick our partner so I picked Peter. The three essential things we needed were a lot of water, a coat and lunch. When we arrived on the bus we walked to the boat deck. We were also with 4th class and another school. The boat was cool and it only took a few minutes. When we arrived we walked up a hill into the fort of Spike Island. I was so excited. The guide showed us the cannons and told us story’s about prisoners. After that we saw lots of cool tanks. Next we went to the café to eat lunch. After lunch we did orienteering. We did it in groups. My group was me, Ruairi, Ryan, Daniel and Alex EP. After orienteering we went to explore a prison. The wax figures were frightening. We had fun. After we came back we went to The Titanic museum. We saw pictures and watched Titanic scenes. We played a 30 question Titanic trivia game. After the museum we went to the shop. I bought 2 packs of sour patch kids. The shop we went to was Centra. After we went to the shop we played in the park for 10 minutes. We played catch. When we had to go back to Togher on the bus the bus driver was waiting for us. When we got back to Togher from Cobh I walked home. I had a fun day. I was so thrilled. It was a pleasure to go to Spike Islands on my school tour.

Dillon McCormick

We entered school at 8:20 and everyone looked excited. Before we knew it, it was 8:30 and we were boarding the bus. I sat next to Conor and Mak. It was really fun on the bus. Then we arrived in Cobh and I could already see Spike Island. Just a few minutes later we were on the boat sailing to Spike Island. The ride there was scary. When we arrived on Spike Island there was a tour guide. The tour guide showed us tanks and other war equipment. She also showed us the café. We also got to eat our lunch. Then we also got to do orienteering. Then we got to see some prison cells and eat our second lunch. After that we were boarding the boat again but this time we were sailing back to land. Then when we arrived back at land we went to the Titanic experience. We learned some stuff about the Titanic. We saw a third-class room and a first-class room. We got to see the Titanic sinking. Then we got to guess the smell from the Titanic. Then we did a Titanic trivia. After that we went to a shop called Centra. I got a dairy milk chocolate bar, rings and some Sprite. Then we went to the smallest park in the world. After about 5 minutes in the park we were going back home. The ride back was really fun. I sat next to Conor and Victor. Eventually me and my mom went home and collected my brother Tony.      THE END.