Junior Infant News

Ms O’Dwyer’s Junior Infants have been very busy over the past few weeks! The boys have been working very hard especially in English. They have learned lots of new tricky words and are able to find these words in books that we read! The boys have made such great progress and they have started reading books by themselves! The boys have also started writing sentences in their copies and they are very eager to write independently which is fantastic to see! We are so proud of them and we can’t wait to see what they can achieve in the next few weeks!

Last week for World Book Day the boys dressed up as the characters from their favourite stories and we spent some time reading books in DEAR time! It is great to see the boys have such a love for stories and books!

Claire from Happy Talk was back with us last week and we were lucky that some of the mums and grannies came in to work with us!