4th Class; Cork Pops, World Book Day and so much more.

We have been extremely busy lately in 4th class. We visited the City Hall to watch the Cork Pops Orchestra. The performances were incredible and we found the whole concert highly entertaining.

We have continued our work with Ms Collins’ infants. The boys have been tremendous reading buddies for our youngest students and it has been a pleasure to watch them in action. The boys have really embraced their roles and it is so important for our young scholars to have as many enthusiastic reading models in their lives as possible. Here are just some of the pictures from the sessions.

We have been working very hard on our SESE subjects also. The Irish Famine has been one of the areas of history we have been studying. Below, is an art project we completed recently.

Climate change is particularly topical at the moment. We hear about it almost every day in the news. We have begun a STEAM project and our models below, represent the increase in greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. This project is ongoing, so we will post regular updates. We look forward to learning more.

Years 1750-1870. A single pipe-cleaner enough to represent the greenhouse gases.
Years 1870-1960. Two pipe-cleaners, signifying a rise in greenhouse gases after the industrial revolution.
Years 1960-present. Three pipe-cleaners representing a significant increase in greenhouse gases.