Sixth Class Visit Shandon.

Sixth class set off bright and early on this beautiful morning to visit Shandon. In History class we were learning about the famous Butter Exchange and this most famous area of Cork City. We were fascinated by the butter roads of West Cork and Kerry where butter was transported to Cork in oak firkins to be sold in the Butter Exchange. Hence, we now know how the Firkin Crane Theatre got its name.

We climbed up the Shandon Tower and rang the bells on the way. The view from the top was spectacular on this May morning and we were able to pick out many landmarks in our city. It is a treasure in our city and we were simply thrilled to get the opportunity to visit here. Many of the boys are going to return here with their families during the summer.

Finally, we went to town for lunch and we even got the opportunity to do some dancing on Oliver Plunkett Street at the encouragement of a very friendly busker. What a wonderful day we all had and we cannot wait for our trip to Dublin in two weeks time.