Graffiti Art Theatre

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This week First Class went to see the Graffiti Theatre Company in the Halla.

They performed a play about the seasons. All of the children brought down some season related artwork. This is a sample of the children’s opinions:

“I liked when he buried the doll.” Darragh

“I liked the part about digging.” Mikey

“I thought it was funny when the Mam was calling out their names.” Zack

“I liked it when Uncle Harry couldn’t remember things.” Ryan

“I thought it was cool when the scenery changed for each season.” Oscar Mc

“I liked the part when Joe called the baby funny names.” Senan

“I liked the part when they caught the vegetables in the basket.” Oliver

“I liked the part when they pulled the plants out of the soil.” Kayden

After the performance the children had the opportunity to ask the actors some questions. They explained how they made the scenery, how they learned all their lines and how the sound effects were created on the computer.

A great day was had by all.

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