Our Trip To Lehenaghmore Park

Three boys from fifth class went on a trip to Lehenaghmore Park as part of National Tree Week. They travelled up in a car.When they got there,there was a beautiful view of the city from the park.They walked down a long path to get their photo taken. Then we met a man called Pat.he told them all about the different trees.there was oak,ash,silver birch and much more. Then Pat told them that there is going to be an Astro pitch and a normal football pitch inside too. Also, you can walk with your dog along the path and go on the exercise machines. It is open every day of the year apart from Christmas Day. It opens at nine o’ clock and closes at eight o’clock at night.

After that they took pictures of them with the new trees and sent the pictures to the City Council and put them up on the school website. We walked back up to the car and Pat said that they had CCTV and there is always a First Aid during the opening times. Pat can open the gate by using his phone but there are no bikes allowed. It will be a very nice facility when it is finished. The three fifth class boys had a very enjoyable time at Lehenaghmore Park.

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