On Tuesday we went to U.C.C. It opened in 1879. It was great fun. We learned that if you walk on the grass in the Quadrangle you might fail your exams. It also used to be called Queens College Cork because Queen Victoria ruled when it first opened.We were in the observatory. It was one of the largest telescopes in Europe.

There are 21,000 students and over 3000 staff in U.C.C. All the presidents are male. The current President of UCC is called Patrick O ‘Shea.  The president’s office is on the East Wing.

I hope one day we will go to U.C.C.

Ruairi and Dany.

On Tuesday 25/4/2017 we went on a trip to U.C.C. The first place we went to was the main entrance. Our guide [Allan] told us about the U.C.C. crest or badge but it is also called the Royal crest. We learned that the university  was originally called Queen Victoria’s University because Britain controlled Ireland when it first opened. It is said that if you step on the grass in the Quadrangle you will fail your exams. After that we went into the Aula Maxima which means the great hall in Latin. There were thousands and thousands of books there. After that we went into the observatory. We got to open and close the shutters. We had a great time in U.C.C.

We hope that we will go to U.C.C. in the future.

Dany and Ruairi.