STEAM – Engineering in a box

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It has been said that engineering stimulates the mind – that children need to get their hands dirty; make things, dismantle things and fix things. This is why STEAM Education Ltd (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Applied Maths), has developed a new engineering programme for primary school students. The fifth class pupils from both the boys and the girls schools participated in this project during November and December.

‘Engineering in a Box’ provides lesson plans, all relevant materials and supporting resources, online support as well as well expert mentoring for primary schools,” said Dr Alice D’Arcy, course director, STEAM Education.

“The 10-week programme will give students a general overview of engineering, followed by dedicated weeks of exploring how engineers, as humanity’s problem-solvers, use their knowledge to convert predicaments into progress in the areas of shelter, transport, biomedical, communications and energy to name just a few.

“The programme will be co-taught by engineering PhDs and industry personnel from relevant sectors with the primary school teachers, in a team-orientated creative way that will engage with young students. Co-teaching maximises the benefits for the kids, the teachers and the PhD/industry personnel.”