The Marine Experience workshop

On the 10th of May the Marine Experience Workshop will visit Togher BNS. All pupils will attend this workshop in the hall.

The Marine Experience is an exciting indoor workshop which is designed to introduce all age groups to the wonders of Ireland’s marine world.  Visits include our popular travelling touchpools, giving people a chance to engage with live sea creatures!  We also provide an interactive display with authentic marine realia, bringing Ireland’s fascinating underwater world into your world.  Props range from lobster claws and whale bones to starfish and shark eggcases.

The workshop includes:

– A touchpool containing live sea creatures, including starfish, shrimp, anemones, crabs, sea snails and lots more.

– An interactive display with sea shells, whale bones and stunning images of Ireland’s marine life.

– Qualified marine biologists and environmental educators to answer all those curious questions!