3rd Class Homework: Miss Mangan 23rd – 27th March

Dear Parent/s,

Please find attached the homework for the week. Try to complete each day as best you can. If the work given is proving stressful in any way, please take a break from it. Many of you may not have had a chance to collect the books, if not don’t worry, you have free log in access to Folens and Fallons websites, where these books can be accessed ( login info is under useful websites below. Type in 3rd class and the ebooks will come up on the screen) Further details will be on the www.togherboys.com website. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with the work, please don’t hesitate to email me at yvonnemangan10@gmail.com. It was great to speak to a number of you the other day and I will do my very best to stay in contact with you over the coming weeks. Please ignore the initial message sent on Aladdin, as there were formatting issues when I transferred it over.



English Spellings                              Irish Spellings:

January                                                cailc (chalk)

February                                              caipín (cap)

March                                                   caife (coffee)

April                                                      airgead (money)

May                                                        bainne (milk)

June                                                        bairín breac (barm brack)

July                                                         faigh (to get)

August                                                    oscail (to open)

September                                             d’oscail (opened)

October                                                  ag caint (talking)

November                                             Chaith sé (he spent/he threw)

December                                               Chaill sé (he lost)





Dictation Sentences:

  1. Christmas Day is celebrated on the 25th of December every year.
  2. October is the month that we celebrate Halloween.
  3. Winter is always known as the coldest season of the year.
  4. The fifth month of the year is May.
  5. We always go to the parade in town on St. Patrick’s Day.

Extra activities:

Gratitude Journal: Daily activity – Write three things that you are grateful for today.

Your family will need all your help and support during this time so make sure you call a grandparent or someone in your family and ask them how they are doing. Ask them how they are maintaining a healthy lifestyle or give everyone in your family a big hug and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Daily Challenge (P. E. ) –

  1. Do your favourite outdoor activity for 30 minutes. What was the activity you selected?
  2. Run in place during all the ad breaks of a T. V. show that you choose to watch. How long do you think you ran for.
  3. Do 1 Jumping Jack for every minute you logged in front of a screen today (ipad, T. V., computer etc.)
  4. Predict how long it will take you to run around your home 3 times!
  5. Write out the alphabet in a push up plank position. Were you able to write the full alphabet? If not, what letter did you make it to?

Easy Science Experiment:

This easy experiment shows us how important it is to watch our hands. You should have all the materials at home. Write up the experiment using the template below (If you can’t print out the worksheet, you can use the headings and write the experiment up in your copy)

science investigation worksheet

washing hands experiment

Music: Keep practicing our two songs we have learned over the last few weeks (On Top of the World and High Hopes). See the links below.

On Top of the World

High Hopes

Other useful websites:

folens online

CJ Fallon Online





www.twinkl.ie (free resources for a month)

The Body Coach  TV workouts (youtube 9 a.m. Monday – Friday )

Cosmic kids yoga (youtube)

Will Sliney – we will draw challenge (daily)

Make sure to look after yourself and your family and while schoolwork is important, be sure you make time for the fun things too. Stay safe and I hope to meet you all again very soon.

Miss Mangan